What gadgets Apple better buy in official stores

Many people buy equipment abroad on your own or just buy it from grey sellers. The essence of these purchase options is not that different. To be honest, I did almost all my Apple equipment bought in Munich. The only exception was the MacBook. This article will tell you why it happened and why some equipment is better to buy from us.

Sometimes technology is better not to save and pay a little extra, but buy officially

We will talk about what is better to buy it not just from us, namely in retail stores or on the website of the company. Suppose that in the end it will turn out a bit more, but sooner or later you may be very glad that it did.

How to buy cheap iPhone

If you go to the US or Asia, buy there expensive smartphone might seem like a good idea. In some countries the iPhone are even more expensive than ours, but in other you can get a serious benefit. Even if the benefit is not obvious, and immediately the price seems higher, it is sometimes possible to get a deduction, when exported from the country. In the end, the price will be very attractive.

The new iPhone has stopped being unexpected. We know all about them long before the release

Do the sellers of the gray technology. They buy smartphones where they are cheaper at this moment, and bring to our market. Due to the fact that it is done illegally and imported for sale equipment do not pay taxes, the price difference with the official product can reach 10-20 percent. In the case of laptops the difference is slightly less.

It is not necessary to immediately talk about the fact that our legislation only makes a bad, forcing us to pay more. In this case, the official technique on the contrary is able to save money. Then the law is on the side of the domestic market.

Where to buy MacBook

An example of Apple technology, which is better to buy on the territory of the Russian Federation officially is MacBook. This is due to the fact that unlike the rest of the world, we have a rule that the warranty on such products shall be two years. It is a kind of trump card for the buyer.

Setting for the world year warranty, Apple and other manufacturers do so that the goods are not broken during this time. If we are talking about iPhone, iPad, AirPods or almost all other Apple technology, it can be noted that it rarely breaks down after a year of use for reasons beyond the user’s reasons. If it doesn’t work immediately.

As a rule, AirPods are working without any problems for a very long time.

Computers are more complex devices. Especially today, where a matter of millimeters of the carcass and grams of weight. Modern laptops, which are called ultrabooks, tend to break, and often this happens after years of use. If the user is lucky to get under an extended warranty, the repair will make him free, but not always.

An example may be considered one of our colleague who bought ”the top crust” 15-inch MacBook Pro to the maximum (except custom) configuration. After about a year and a half on the screen of his laptop blossomed a bright spot, which is very spoils the impression. If the computer had an official second year of warranty, he would have easily got due to him repair. Instead, the colleague heard a crack and offer to replace the screen for their money.

Think you should not say that the proposal to pay several tens of thousands of rubles for the repair of the laptop worth almost two hundred thousand rubles, looked unattractive.

The screen of this laptop is a few tens of thousands of rubles. It is better to have a guarantee…

At the time, I wrote about how I changed half of the computer just because of the fact that the screen is scratched on the keyboard. After that, I personally, and our Telegram chat a wrote about the fact that they are less fortunate and touched it’s grey MacBook.

Where is safe to buy a MacBook

I did not campaign to buy Apple equipment in Russia. It is foolish to deny that to save money on buying really nice. Here only it is necessary to be prepared for the fact that in a year you will lose warranty, and your neighbor who has made a purchase on the same day, no.

Interesting story: the truth about Apple's warranty in Russia

Most likely, all will work to please you. Problems plagued even the tenth, not every gadget, but they happen. Given that the real benefit when buying a MacBook is only in comparison to models from the USA, to talk about a serious saving is not always appropriate. But, when you purchase the official device, you get the Russian keyboard layout.

You can certainly be engraved for a couple of thousand, but then you could lose annual guarantee. Apple really do not like. There are those who were denied warranty repairs after engraving, but opposite situations more, even if damage did not touch the keyboard. You decide, but I would advise to play it safe and buy computers in the Apple official stores in Russia.

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