What Galaxy Lite S10 is superior to a normal Galaxy S10

Samsung was one of the first to release simplified versions of flagship smartphones, trying to make them as cheap as possible. However, proving that the leaders in them there is nothing except the name, which just added a PostScript Lite, so excess capacity and functional capabilities of such devices are clearly not suffered. Despite this, the first time their sale was quite brisk, but over time users began to realize that under the guise of a cheaper flagship, they give them the usual budget model, and the demand for them has stopped, until Apple started to produce “real” conditionally available flagships. Then Samsung and decided to return to a forgotten concept.

Lite Galaxy S10 will largely steeper Galaxy S10

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Galaxy S10 Lite, which goes a lot of rumors will probably be out before the end of 2019 and will be in many respects even more attractive device than the classic Galaxy S10. Judging by renderam that leaked to the web, the novelty will receive a completely flat display, but encircling his frame will be almost imperceptible. I do not know, whether strongly it will affect the experience of use, but the screen looks with a minimal framework of very great, causing the Association with more expensive machines.

The Design Of The Galaxy Lite S10

Left — S10 Lite Galaxy right — Galaxy Note 10 Lite

But particularly pleased with the complete lack of chin, are characteristic of the flagships of 2019, not to mention the model of the medium price segment, to which belongs Galaxy S10 Lite. However, there are drawbacks. For me personally, is the placement of the front camera lens, which is moved directly into the middle of the screen. Don’t know about you, but to me this is not like because the look is constantly clings to the neck, causing the desire to erase it or paint over it.

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But the filling is Lite Galaxy S10 will be downright uncompromising. The basis of the device lies 855 Snapdragon, 8 GB RAM and 128 GB of internal memory expandable. I agree – the processor of the previous generation is clearly not makes the product the best choice, but because, firstly, Snapdragon 865 will be available to producers closer to spring of next year, and, secondly, Galaxy Lite S10 – still not a flagman, and to require from him the most advanced piece of equipment at least unfair.

Specifications Of Galaxy Lite S10

But the smartphone battery will have a capacity of 4500 mAh battery and support fast charging with a power of 45 watts. This is a serious achievement, given that the classic “ten” only works with 25-watt memory. The camera apparatus of claim either. Anyway, according to their technical component, because to evaluate the result of shooting just yet. Galaxy S10 Lite will be installed the four-chamber system with a classic sirecom, ultrasonica, a telephoto and a macro-module. The latter is a trend the end of 2019, but is found only in few smartphones.

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Galaxy Lite S10 is a strange smartphone. On the one hand, it needs to be perceived as a stripped-down version of the original flagship, but it is not only not inferior, but in many ways surpasses even though its retail price, according to insiders, will be 679 euros. It turns out that Samsung voluntarily creates competitor to other phones, but personally I think she just fills in the gap of new products to maintain revenues prior to release Galaxy S11, which will be even better and will again spur sales.

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