What happened to Apple in September 2013

During Steve jobs ‘ September conference Apple has called “musical”, performed at the Opera house in San Francisco, and devoted they were not music, and the presentation of new iPod models and new versions of iTunes. How the world has changed…, September 3 the Apple “announced” the next conference. Not sure if you can call sending (by mail!) invitations announcement, so I used quotation marks. However, the regular mail in the US works flawlessly invited immediately responded to receive it, at least in their blogs (and many on hand were even popular electronic media), and the fact of receiving an invitation from Apple increased self-esteem.

The evening of the same day about the impending event known to all, whom it could interest, how mysterious and (traditionally) the phrase on the front of the invitation. This side:


A mysterious phrase can be translated as “This should make each day brighter.” What would it mean? What is the “it” they meant? What is “every”?

The conference was opened at 10 a.m. Pacific time, September 10, at the headquarters of Apple in Cupertino. Due to the fact that the size of the meeting room in the town hall of Apple, five times less than at the Moscone Center West, due to the fact that it is located on the campus of the company, such events were considered “intimate”.

The event was immediately connected with the announcement of the new iPhone, especially in February, Tim promised a “budget iPhone” that more and more inhabitants of our planet was introduced to advanced technologies. And with the “real” iPhone.

As always, Apple was expecting too much. For example: iPad 5, new iPod touch and iTV TV from Apple. New iPod, new Mac, and in 2013, the company is not spoiled its fans with novelties, they missed.

Especially around of companies have going on is…

Somewhere I’ve heard it all before, just recently…

To refresh your memory fall 2013, walked around the then forums. The first thing I came across was the mention of Huawei. Apple is losing ground, sales of the iPhone fall, soon they are generally swept away cheap soap dishes from Huawei.

That the organization of production of high-tech products (to reduce prices) is expensive and causes trouble, he spoke and wrote many more when it was just beginning. The whiners didn’t pay attention – they are always all wrong.

In that time, to remain competitive could only be following this dangerous trend, the townsfolk quickly got used to the incredibly low prices and the parts they were not interested. Apple also went this way, one of the last.

And now – it is payback time? No. Sales of iOS devices in 2013 has grown rapidly. the iPhone 5 was the most popular iPhone in history. Apple’s profits rose again. According to Apple, but she was obliged to publish accurate information about its commercial activities, like any public company four times a year. All these data were carefully reviewed by independent auditors. Not gonna lie.

But it seemed that the company came to an end, no fresh ideas, incredible prices, all the same person: cook, Ive, Schiller. But Apple Maps is generally suicide.

The event was the music!

Retell the event will not, see for yourself.

Video (duration 01:26:51):

As always, the apocalyptic expectations were not met. Tim cook was calm and happy life. Phil Schiller cheerful and a little banal. Craig was what should be Craig Federighi. Everything was as always.

Almost all of them.

Started the event with a message about the iTunes Festival. Turns out he was the seventh, it was conducted annually (since 2007?). In 2013 I missed the message about the event on deaf ears, but not today. After all, a musical event, it is necessary…

And the last 15 minutes took music. Invited the legendary singer, and listened to him.

Expected updates Macs that day not happened. Somewhere all know that Apple will update the iMac lineup, why not do it beautifully and in public?

Line iMac’s updated in a couple of weeks without representation.

No iPad 5 or a new iPod, even Touch.

It was just three: iOS 7 and two new iPhone models. Or two: out of nowhere suddenly came out of the iPhone 4s with 8 Gigabytes of flash memory for $ 0 (if you buy it complete with a 2-year-old dependence on the mobile operator).

One model was, as Tim cook promised, “budget”, the second has exceeded all expectations and all other smartphones of that time. 64-bit Apple A7 motion coprocessor Cortex-M3, smart fingerprint sensor.

The fantastically low prices that nobody could deceive anyone: it was the price for an iPhone with a 2 year contract with mobile operator into the bargain.


Gathered in the cosy “home” conference room applauded and cheered.

But in the vast inhospitable world, all presented at the conference was deemed to have no chance in front of these budget phones. In fact, if you buy iPhone 5c without a contract, he was worth more than five hundred dollars, in the poorest equipment.

Covers with holes (which with a hideous delight admired Jonathan Ive) caused bouts of uncontrollable rage. 29 dollars for it? For colored plastic?

The leather covers for the iPhone 5s cost $ 39, and against them no one wrote any unkind words.

Something like that wrote about the all-new model iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. But this time, wanting to bring Apple to clean water was even more exhilarating argument: the fingerprint sensor with sapphire coating.

But on 20 September, as always, the forecasts of ill-wishers were denied.

To be continued

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