What happened to the HomePod after installing iOS 13.2

13.2 alongside the iOS Apple has released a new version audioOS with the same number. Users HomePod were promised attractive new features, fixing identified bugs, and a lot more, but in the process of installing an unknown number smart columns fell into a coma. Went into an infinite loop. Apple has “recalled” the update, but what about the victims?

HomePod broke iOS release 13.2. How to fix it?

Apple Support has not commented on what is happening, but the updates stopped, indirectly recognising the issue. It happened on a day when the company’s stock price and its market capitalization reached a record for all history of mark. This is all very frustrating, but turned out to be treated. To revive petrified HomePod can be true without a clue to understand what and how to do not easy. Need any iOS device with the installed app on it Home, drove it HomePod. According to those who coped with the problem, you need to:

  • to uninstall the application “Home” installed on iOS device;
  • HomePod disconnect from the mains, after 15 seconds plug it back in, gently pressing down on the pad at the top of the device until the white light goes red and HomePod emits three beeps;
  • to install the Home app and restart the iOS device;
  • wait for the auto-tuning dialog;
  • wait until the auto-tuning and re-use the HomePod.

No one promised that it would be easy, perhaps Apple simply couldn’t believe that this is possible. Or on savings. The developers audioOS has happened is not so, they a hundred times had to return a smart column to life – and it is difficult for a long time not seem. Product Manager, the idea is the representative of the user in the team who should be able to see situations happening in his eyes. However, as you can see, it’s not so bad. Fifteen-minute magic ritual will take away your attention, then all will be well. Nothing difficult or unpleasant to do not required.

Now about the incident itself. Awful, unpleasant, troublesome – but sooner or later something like this was bound to happen. As carefully as a software developer has not tested release an update, an absolute guarantee of the problems there can be. Even worse: if the problem happens, it happens not on all devices in the world, and some chosen. Something that would threaten all testing must would have discovered, and the threat would be eliminated. Why there can not be an absolute guarantee – I’ll explain. Although it is almost obvious.

Any two instances of the same complex technical products are always different. More or less significantly, but they differ from one another. Even if they have exactly the same components if they were released on the same pipeline of the same plant, two completely identical instances there can be. HomePod is I’m in China at factories of Taiwanese companies, Inventec and Foxconn. Products of all these factories is thoroughly tested, the technology is controlled. To audioOS 13.2 of these checks was enough. Now, for some unknown reason, until – no.

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Investigation of severe and impartial, will reveal the culprit. Most likely it is some combination of circumstances and characteristics of specific devices that no one still could not what to suspect, so the devices with a predisposition against 13.2 without problems got through – and the Apple testers of this device was not easy. The manuals will be added the new requirements and all will be well, until next time. Now, Apple will release a fixed upgrade HomePod’you will begin to discern the voices that are important to them people (the number is not more than six), when given an iOS device to a HomePod with the latest copy of the record or records and to do all that should be able audioOS 13.2. On Apple’s reputation – another spot. How many of them already? But there is nothing you can do. Although it is something Apple could do.

Do you have HomePod?

Management HomePod is carried out using the program “House”. It’s not really intuitive or something. A man with a sense of humor, knows how to manage smart hairy column, might make a joke: the words “HomePod” and “Home” a lot in common. But the one who knows and is trained by years of dealing with iOS not to read the documentation, most likely this won’t know. Also, find in this Home with a HomePod (I could be wrong, I tried once a long time ago) not too easy. Maybe I’m exaggerating the problem, but it seems to me that if the controls were logical and intuitive, control HomePod it would be easier and more fun. I would have brought the HomePod control in a separate program, protecting it from unauthorized access by means of iOS and, if necessary, to contact НomeKit start Home. Most likely, the product Manager HomePod was some serious reason to do so.

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But to protect yourself from such incidents in the future maybe the user himself, if I turn off automatic updates. When Apple updates the firmware (audioOS), this is reported on numerous sites. Write primarily about the problems. Problem 13.2 caused a flurry of publications and lively debate on the forums. To postpone the update, postponing it until the problem is resolved, it is easier than to reinstall the Home app, restarted HomePod and iOS device. Start update HomePod in the Home provided,

Even if automatic updates is enabled and there is information about problems with the update as a rule all is not lost. Because between the moment you start the upgrade process all HomePod in the Apple update specifically your HomePod usually takes a lot of time. The delay can be several hours. The reason for the delay is that the update involves two parties: HomePod and server in the Apple, between which is mounted a bidirectional connection. The number of connections is limited, it is a couple orders of magnitude less than the number of “live” HomePod in the world. According to various sources, there are several million – from 3 to 7. That is, if it’s not too late, the automatic updates can be disabled to avoid trouble.

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