What happened to the SMS’s?

ماذا حدث للرسائل القصيرة؟ الرسائل القصيرة

The use of WhatsApp one of the causes of vulnerability. Every time I use it I remember that encounter we became, however, a company can do with our data what they please of the audit and scrutiny, to help them to understand us more, show us the ad or predict things that interest us for many purposes.

Back WhatsApp with smartphones, although its popularity was not immediate, only that people began to trust the application with the passage of time, it has provided them a cheaper alternative to SMS, and with the general prices of internet packages, it has become possible to use WhatsApp on a daily basis, without to affect your phone bill. Later, we got our bouquets WhatsApp unlimited and you can use it all the time without any concern.

I still remember the first time you used a cell phone (not smart) I remember the first mobile I bought a Nokia 5210 which was said that it is waterproof, but I didn’t dare to experience this thing yourself.

The mobile using SMS heavily, everyone was sending jokes, some he sends congratulations for every occasion, and others they send Dumps, simple such as those that ask you to continue to read the letter, you’ll be in the end, it’s a joke, lame, and are usually prepared even today and thank God.

In those days we didn’t drown in the contradictions that many messages was calculated because it is not free, so you can find us jump every time we receive a short message, it is this who will pay out of pocket real, yes you are…it must be something important?! Unfortunately came WhatsApp and his friends spent on that sensation, and we feel peace of mind every time we receive a letter, because we realize that many of them are worthless.

Not to get in the past too much, let’s focus talk about short message service.

Standards have not been applied in the SMS

Think short messages (SMS) part of the communication protocol between phones and networks mobile, which allows you to transfer messages between the networks made up by telecommunications companies, which have a service provider who works on the reception and broadcast of these messages.

Being the SMS part of the standard communication, it makes it closer for e-mail, meaning they are not subject to purchase there is no point of central control, and any telecommunications company to run the service and connect them with the rest of the companies around the world.

Live old version of SMS lack a lot of the nurses that we need these days, from the exchange of multimedia and in the delivery and support for voice conversations, I have realized standards body these flaws, and worked to update the specification of SMS.

Launched in 2008 a new version of SMS which is named RCS , which is a protocol short messages Updater contains features to guide the programmes of the conversation, and because it is a standard for the application it will be easy for the telecom companies, which reduces the ability of one company to manage everything, as is the case in WhatsApp.

You may surprise that the RCS is available in some countries since 2012, as Google has with the support of the protocol within the new version of the Android platform, and is working to provide servers of their own in both the United Kingdom and France to support him with the plans for the rest of the world later.

But unfortunate is the support of telecommunications companies around the world. He is walking very slowly, and it may be for the constant updates and different approaches of this protocol at the beginning of its development hand in it, but it seems that the latest version of RCS which bear the name of the Universal Profile reached maturity enough to make its application easier at all.

The argument of privacy…

Live interested, in particular, that RCS does not support encryption from the beginning to the end (end-to-end), web developers of the protocol that services the RCS part of the mobile networks that operate within the geographical boundaries of the state, and therefore should be subject to its laws, as a means to decrypt messages by telecommunications companies in the state has been requested officially.

Use instant messaging applications from the point of the encryption so much and you will see it used frequently for treatment of their application that “protects your privacy” versus the telecommunications company that sent it.

This argument is debatable, many of these companies are running the black box, that means we don’t actually know what’s going on within its network and how is the transfer of our data is encrypted, how it is saved, this companies do not allow you access to the code and allow anyone to review it, perhaps the application of the Signal is the only app that has been code by external bodies to ensure his safety.

On telecommunications companies to turn

I left the corporate communications world of messaging coming out of his hand-to-hand technology companies, and we pass through the companies data is their source of income the most important, which is inconsistent with the idea of encryption and they don’t ask for your information.

Can telecom operators to add additional terms in the privacy policy, so that confirms they do not consult the data users, similar to the rest of the other companies, in order to reassure users.

Of the best telecom companies start to support the protocols, messages, new communication otherwise will become internet package is the only product that they sell in a few years.

* Image rights: SMS by Creative Stall from the Noun Project

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