What happened when you send the phone Huawei to the United States?

New developments in the crisis between Huawei and the US government, where they refused to FedEx shipping phone Huawei P30 Pro from the United Kingdom to the United States, where pursuit of one of the reviewers of the British to inform a colleague in the United States of America on the unit from that phone by sending it to him where a phone was sent to Huawei originally via Parcelforce British, which deal with FedEx to deliver their shipments to within the United States.

What did FedEx phone Huawei P30 Pro

ماذا حدث مع هاتف Huawei P30 Pro عند محاولة إدخاله للولايات المتحدةWhat happened with the phone Huawei P30 Pro when you try to enter the United States

Upon the arrival of the package to FedEx and found the posters have confirmed that one of the phones the Chinese company Huawei has refused FedEx package because it contains Huawei P30 Pro, the strangest thing about this case is that it’s not about the company Huawei and its well-known with the US government on the Prohibition of the sale of its products within the United States of America but what’s really weird is FedEx which is headquartered inside the U.S. border.

The American company and the Chinese did not include the introduction of gift or single units within the United States, but it was fun to just to sell hardware company, this is not the first made Strange by FedEx to Huawei in the past month, according to Reuters it was reported that the shipping company raised at least two from the pack is Huawei, which contain levels only, the Chinese government later in response to that rejection of the documents that had opened an investigation in the right company FedEx.

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