What happens if the internet “Google states” during play?

There were a lot of promises that have been made about the flow of “Google states” in the past month, but there is no information about worst-case scenarios that can occur suddenly during play, not something I talked about already Microsoft xCloud Project or Google’s Stadia until now, which is what happens when the connection is lost, when you direct this question to the speaker on behalf of Stadia, confirmed that the game will remain active for a few minutes in the same position in which click in which direction and if suddenly, just restart the game that you play and straight back to where you were.

The problems of being disconnected from Google states

ماذا يحدث إذا إنقطع الإتصال فجأة عن جوجل ستاديا أثناء اللعبWhat happens if you cut off suddenly about Google stay while you play

All this is well and good if you usually connect immediately, but if it is no longer immediately and waited more than a few minutes, it will shut down Google the game that you are running it will take you back to the last checkpoint the next time you play it, gonna Google Stadia much like PlayStation Now, which allows you to re-connect, if you started playing in your center.

However, if you play something like Doom Eternal is a game that requires you to move constantly to avoid death and maintain your state of health, unfortunately I wasn’t programmed Stadia to try and maintain your health automatically or take any orders without the input, such as pause or try to drill, according to the spokesperson Will Google stay everything in its power to prevent the given one of the games, and significantly reduced the graphics settings to keep you connected, but at the same time she can’t prevent outages completely.

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