What happens if the phone fell Huawei P20 from the floor is 21? A real surprise!

ماذا يحدث إذا سقط هاتف Huawei P20 من الطابق 21؟ مفاجأة حقيقية!

What will happen to your phone if dropped from Floor Twenty One it? Most likely you probably won’t get to pick it up, because you’re Gonna that it has become a piece of scrap without anything working out. It is not for one owner of my phone Huawei P20 which fell to his cell phone without a purpose of Honor in the Twenty-First Linda to pick up the phone and be surprised what he found.

After the fall of the phone from this distance, the user found that the camera had broke and the phone had broken screen but the surprise that a lot of the stuff was already working, where the internet was working normally and the browser is run in addition to the messaging application We Chat.

Also it is possible to make calls in addition to a fingerprint sensor under running normally it has also the feature to open the lock normally. Bluetooth was also among the advantages that work naturally.

This great power of the phone are worthy of respect no doubt where it is possible to have the phone tell phones that rely on the cross in the support, such as telephone BlackView and other.

The problem of broken phones it seems they will not be solved soon, where, despite the development of young women become strong so phones manufactured from glass currently supports wireless charging means that the appearance of the phones need protection too.

And broke up with Samsung recently to a new way to make screen phones are extremely powerful, where they were tested to assess from a distance of 1.2 meters more than 20 times without effect on the screen of the phone.

This technique according to what we have now is limited on the screen of the OLED , so I don’t know when that could be circulated and when to believe of the foundation as we also don’t know whether it will be with the advent of phones the glass without affecting the operation of the prison wireless.

Samsung stated that the screen of her new not limited to smart phones only, but that there is a possibility to protect the screen of the tablet and mobile gaming is also without specifying dates for the use of discovery both for the products of Samsung or other companies ‘ products.

Company Huawei released phones new big after a series P20, which includes three new phones in the series Mate 20 the author of the design.

The three new handsets are the Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro Plus Mate 20X the players as the number of phones that have been released recently where the phone comes a very large and huge battery in addition to the possibility of installing parties such as that possessed by the device switch Custom Games which the Huawei compared the new phone out to phone the company in terms of the size of the screen battery also.

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