What happens to the phones after to get rid of them and hit their environmental

Became change our smartphones every year or couple of years are a normal part of our lives, but what happens after that and what materials are used in its manufacture?

Smartphones are quite complicated devices, as they combine most of the chemical elements inside them such as metals, rare earth such as scandium, which help make electronic devices smaller and are used in very small quantities, and extracted most of them from China under poor working conditions and without attention to the effects of the harmful environmental, while also using precious metals such as gold, silver and other precious metals, such as aluminium and copper, in addition to the cobalt user profusely in the batteries which comes from the Republic of Congo, where children work in mining.

Yttrium not only looks cool, but is also used for white LED lights

In addition to minerals, companies use plastic material for ease of manufacture, however, because of their multiplicity, it is difficult to be recycled, away from the problem of the destruction of the other that comes from the difficulty of collecting electronic products.

Is the export of up to 65% of e-waste to developing countries for recycling, resulting in increased emissions in the atmosphere, where they are after the dismantling of the devices and extract the precious metals embedded in used solubilization and chemical compounds harmful to eat a lot of waste into the garbage even after recycling.

You can solve such problems by designing products in a way that facilitates recycling, the organization has also provided green pace this illustration that divides the companies based on their use of energy, chemical elements and compounds and different.

A bit crowded in the red zone, isn't it?

Won Apple TV on third place thanks to some of its initiatives in which a company reduce its environmental impact, such as a robot Daisy who works on the dismantling of the iPhone for recycling.

But the company ferry the iPhone won the first place well-deserved thanks offered for ferry iPhone 2, which can be repaired easily with the observance of human values for workers making the phone with support for recycling programs, only that the phone comes with a processor Snapdragon 801 launched in 2014 with the Android system 6.0 as it comes at a price of 620 US dollars, the equivalent of 2,325 Real, without the support networks of the fourth generation in some states.

That transparent back, though..

This is sure that in the case of company phones the major standardization efforts in this domain will improve things on both environmental and humanitarian, making the environmental impact of the smart phone industry especially much less, and can ferry the iPhone 2 An example of basically what you can get to him.

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