What happens to trees in Europe?

Recently we wrote that in North America the birds disappear. It is now known that certain trees are at risk. So, chestnut is among the more than 400 European tree species the international Union for conservation of nature (IUCN) assessed as threatened of extinction. It is no secret that trees are essential to life on Earth. The trees in Europe are the source of food and home to countless species of animals, such as squirrels and birds. These animals are incredibly important to the ecosystem.

Ash could disappear from the face of the Earth

How many species of trees are endangered?

Craig Hilton-Taylor, head of the IUCN, described the results as “disturbing”. Most of the animals in Europe are already listed in the Red book. Recently the experts have paid attention to the trees and plants. Sad news became known after the evaluation by experts of the status of all 454 species of trees that inhabit the continent. According to the findings, 42% of trees are threatened (assessed as vulnerable). Among the endemic trees — those that do not exist anywhere else on Earth — 58% are under threat of extinction. Highlighted species include horse chestnut, whose numbers are declining throughout Europe, as well as the majority of the nearly 200 trees of the family, which includes the mountain ash. The report identified a wide range of threats, including pests and disease, competition from invasive plants, land-use change, forest fires and more.

Photo horse chestnut, which is under threat of extinction

Dr. Stephen Bachmann, specialist in conservation at the Royal Botanical gardens of Kew, who was not involved in the study, believes that trees play an important role in maintaining and improving our lives. Recently we told you that walking in the parks make people happier.

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The obtained data testify to the extremely high risk of extinction of many trees, which previously scientists were not aware. Knowledge about the problem requires us to take urgent and effective measures. The second study showed that almost half of all shrub species in Europe is also under threat of extinction because of the loss and destruction of wild areas of Europe, as well as agriculture, invasive species and climate change.

All the fault of climate change?

According to Luc Bas, Director of European regional office of IUCN, human activities — anthropogenic factor causing reduction of populations of trees throughout Europe. We have underestimated the gravity of the situation for species that make up the European ecosystem and contribute to the health of the planet.

Trees are essential to all living organisms on our planet

The recommendations of scientists for the conservation of species of trees and shrubs to include further study of the impact of climate change on the ecosystem of the planet. Our regular readers know about the harmful effects of climate change not only people and animals but also of sea animals and plants. Recently, scientists have discovered that global warming is one of the reasons for seasonal allergies.

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Society should be aware of what “climate crisis” is a real threat to forests. The fact that climate change increases the risk of pests and diseases. To prevent species extinction, requires planting large variety trees. So now you make the world a better place, you need to plant a tree.

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