What happens when the satellite Internet from Elon musk

In may this year, a rocket launched SpaceX, a company founded by Elon Musk, launched into orbit a very large amount of payload. He was among the 60 satellites that will form the basis of the global Internet network Starlink. In the coming years, SpaceX is planning to launch nearly 12 000 satellites for the provision of access to broadband Internet across the planet. But what happens when this program is fully operational?

Why you need a global satellite network

According to a recent UN report, at the end of 2018 49.2% of the world’s population still does not have broadband access to the world wide web. While in Europe without any problems use the Internet 80% of the population in African countries this figure is much lower — only 22%.

This occurs from the fact that the laying of optical fiber cable in the poor regions of our planet are not economically profitable and cover these areas of rapid mobile Internet requires a critical mass of paying customers, which due to the mentioned activities in these regions no.

Who will provide the Land of fast Internet

Currently a number of companies developing and implementing technologies that, most likely, and coversheet a revolution in the provision of broadband access. The only question is who will be first.

In addition to SpaceX, Amazon announced plans to launch more than 3000 satellites. OneWeb, with the support of SoftBank and Richard Branson also started the training and deployment of a network of more than 600 satellites. New satellites promise to be faster, smaller and more powerful than previous models, offering a delay in 25-35 milliseconds. This is comparable with some DSL cable systems.

Another approach is Google. The search giant is experimenting with balloonsthat work as a kind of flying cell towers. And Facebook together with Airbus explores the possibility to distribute the Internet using unmanned aerial vehicles.

Why SpaceX is the first to deploy a network of satellites

The company Elon musk is already significantly ahead of the competition by the end of 2020, plans to put into orbit satellites of up to 800. Competitors are still far from these figures. OneWeb aims to deploy a network by 2021, and Amazon does not name any of the starting date of the work. Although it is difficult to imagine that the company of Jeff Bezos will miss this promising market.

How does Starlink

By and large, the company Elon musk just modify existing technology. Throughout the world there are several providers that provide Internet access through satellite connection. To do this, use the transceiver — device for taking and make a satellite radio signal. Something like a modem, but to work with the satellites. So why not use the existing satellites? The fact that they are located at an altitude of about 36 thousand kilometers. And because of this, the radio waves have to overcome a great distance that causes a delay. Subscribe to this interference and as a result the connection speed is not particularly happy.

Starlink needs to fix this problem. The satellites will be at a height from 335 to 1325 kilometers, allowing repeatedly to reduce latency. In addition, the planned location of ground stations that will transmit information to the satellites using radio waves. And the satellites between them will have to communicate using lasers. Learn more about how a network of satellites SpaceX, you can read our article on this topic.

Why you need a global network of Internet satellites

Analysts predict that in the next three to five years most of the planet will have access to reliable and fast broadband. According to their calculations, more than three billion people will have access to products and services that were previously unavailable to them. It as an educational platform, and online shopping and social networks. A new audience for these services will contribute to the growth of the world economy.

This is interesting: Starlink Satellite Internet services may be banned in Russia.

In addition, remote regions will be able to communicate using high-quality audio and video, exchange messages and receive information. You can easily communicate through the Internet in areas where previously it was unavailable.

We can not exclude development in the field of entertainment content. Services for streaming movies, TV series and music will gain a new audience. In the end, all of these services will not only receive additional funding, but will be able to put these funds to the development of their platforms, from which ultimately will benefit all, including you and me.

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