What has changed in the collapsible Huawei Mate X after the presentation

The time interval between the announcement of the convertible Huawei Mate X and the stated terms of the appearance in the sale were needed not just. According to Chinese certification Agency TENAA, Huawei took a timeout with a length of almost six months to complete development of the smartphone, which, obviously, at the March presentation was not yet ready and would require more improvements before formally appearing in international retail.

As Samsung withdrew his entire party Galaxy Fold a few days before the start of sales, Huawei has decided to slightly revise future Mate X. However, unlike Koreans, who had to substantially rework the design of the device, the Chinese contributed to the project of a folding phone with just two notable changes.

Huawei Mate X — what’s new

The first was the reduction of the weight of the device, which decreased by 8 grams relative to the model shown at the presentation. Now the device will weigh 279 grams instead of the previously announced 287. Another thing that this relief came not just as a result of reducing the internal battery, which was the second pre-change Huawei Mate X. Its capacity will amount to 4400 mAh instead of 4500 mAh.

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Most likely, the reason why Huawei has reduced the capacity of the battery Mate is X and its weight, was the transformation of the internal structure of a novelty. This is indicated by the insignificance of the incident with the smartphone changes. Obviously, the manufacturer just swapped hardware components Mate X, improving his balance. In any case, rely on the increasing strength of the gadget like in the case of the Galaxy Fold, we would not.

The cheapest Huawei Mate X

The third change, which was not announced officially, but which clearly follows from the TENAA, the Huawei Mate price of X. the fact that the certification documents of the Agency is not one but at least three models of smartphone. They all have different amounts of RAM and internal memory, indicating that Huawei is preparing to release a more affordable version Mate X: 6/128 GB, 8/256 GB, 12/512 GB.

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However, expect a serious decline in prices, we still would not have. Even if the basic model Huawei Mate X memory 6/128 GB will cost at least 2000 euros, not 2300 as originally expected, Huawei is unlikely to attract significantly more consumers. Their main part, most likely, will pay attention to more affordable Galaxy Fold, which once finalized, should become more or less decent folding machine.

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