What have ProgPoW? As is the situation with the algorithm that will save the Ethereum from the centralization

In February we dealt with Programmatic Proof Of Work. Algorithm more commonly known as ProgPoW and is a replacement for the usual Ethash. Its mission is to reduce the gap in the efficiency of graphics cards and ASIC. Due to this, the miners will not be left without bread, and the Ethereum will not be centralized. The participants of the community the idea of introducing ProgPoW like it, so it goes. How fast moving progress? What are the stages separate the network from the new algorithm? Understand.

ProgPoW — the main vector of development of Ethereum at the moment. The peculiarity of the algorithm lies in the constant change of tasks for the mining and use of the full potential of the graphics card. Because ASIC miners are designed to perform one task, their performance on ProgPoW noticeably sags. To understand the features of innovations will help langrid below. There are also graphics cards and ASICS for the new algorithm and much more.

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The contents

Criticism ProgPoW

Since the publication of the article in the community has changed a lot — there was even criticism. Basically it boils down to the fact that work on the implementation ProgPoW will slow down the long-awaited transition to Proof-of-Stake.

The algorithm is unlikely to slow the movement toward Ethereum 2.0. Yes, developers will have to work on the development, testing and holding the fork, however, for it will meet totally different team.

Criticism does not mean that ProgPoW not worth it. Pluses much more, and participants in the community agree. 4 January 2019, the representatives of the Ethereum Core Developers have approved the prospect of implementation of the algorithm. At the next meeting on 1 February, they requested control over the audit innovations group Ethereum Cat Herders, whose name translates as “cat herders”. Funny.

Audit ProgPoW and the need for it

Representatives of Ethereum Cat Herders identified two main challenges in working with ProgPoW. First you need to study public opinion in relation to the algorithm. Then the case for small — to conduct technical audit.

To know the opinion of the community decided in different ways. For example, through surveys, the results of which are collected on this page. In them, the experts shared their views on the feasibility of introducing ProgPoW, its main advantages and disadvantages, the ability to resist ASIC miners and so on. According to the results, 43 percent of respondents supported the launch of the innovation. It was opposed by 29 percent of respondents.

Another option to Express their attitude to the new algorithm — voting coins. It turns out that the more ETH is at the user’s wallet, the more important his opinion is. True, isn’t it?

Here is almost 94 per cent of respondents supported the integration of ProgPoW. A little more than 6 percent opposed.

Source: progpowcarbonvote

Voting will end April 10. Actual results looking the link.

Finally, the last kind of interrogation — the so-called voting hasraton, in which opinion I share mining pools. Here the situation is also straightforward.

Source: etherchain

So, the attitude of the community to update positive. Now go to the technical audit.

Why ProgPoW needs audit

No audit is really nowhere. ProgPoW — new version Ethash, who also checked. Experts should ensure that the transition to the algorithm does not degrade the safety and reliability of the network Ethereum. And hackers don’t need to steal thousands ETH immediately after the upgrade. And not too soon.

That will check the audit

Developers face many challenges:

  • to assess security risks: to calculate the cost of the attack 51 percent, identify weaknesses, to conduct a cryptographic code review;
  • to assess protection against ASIC miners: test known methods of accelerating the solution of the hash function, to determine the time period necessary for creating the ASIC, to estimate the potential profit of the first generation of such devices;
  • to evaluate the bias of the algorithm: to compare the performance of graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD, to analyze the results of benchmark tests to exclude the preference of the algorithm for any of the manufacturers;
  • to test: to simulate hardwork to confirm a smooth transition, repeat the procedure to verify the correct operation of innovations.

What are the success criteria of the audit

The main task ProgPoW — to reduce the gap between GPU and ASIC. The new algorithm does not prohibit the presence of ASIC-miners, but only makes them less effective. In this regard, the success of the update will be judged by a small gap in the performance of different equipment.

That is, the network imbalance. Hasrat should depend on the value of cards, preferably proportionally. No crazy advantages in the hundreds of percent. All manufacturers are equal, the miners too.

Who will conduct audit

Will cope with the task team Least Authority. In 2015, they conducted the audit of Ethereum, and in early 2019 considered changes for zcash for. The experience developers have, but the deadlines do not exist. The duration of the analysis ProgPoW will also depend on funding.

How to maintain ProgPoW

To implement ProgPoW need an audit, and to audit need the money. Part of the cost of the audit will cover Ethereum Foundation and the largest mining pools, the balance of Ethereum Cat Herders hope to get from a community of miners. Just need 50 thousand dollars, which are collected in starlaine DAI.

Source: GitCoin

The collection of funds from members miniscule komyuniti happens on Gitcoin. To support the project and to hasten the era of equality hashing ETH you personally. For this you need to have an account at github and installed Metamask. The procedure goes like this:

  1. register on Github;

  2. login to Gitcoin and click “Fund This Grant”;

  3. select “One Time” in the menu Contribution type and the indicated amount of DAI, who want to donate. If you don’t have stablein DAI in the wallet, the easiest and fastest option to exchange the ETH on, DAI is a decentralized exchanger Kyberswap.com;
  4. click “Contribute to Grant” and confirm the transaction in the Metamask.

Looks difficult? There are more simple options:

  1. to support the auditing of mining — it has a purse 0x68085e7f88e90fa9247489c83fab30b177ebccb3, specify it in the batch file. For example, the so.
  2. ETH transfer directly to the purse of the grant: 0x68085e7f88e90fa9247489c83fab30b177ebccb3.


ProgPoW — the next stage in the development of Ethereum. The upgrade will reduce the advantage of ASIC miners and protect the owners of the cards. Since Hasrat GPU compared to ASIC below, the network will provide a large number of devices, and she will become more decentralized.

The exact date of the implementation of the algorithm is unknown, but it can be update inside Istanbul. And while this moment came, there is time to maintain the project on their own.

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