What he told us last year 2019 ending about the future of Apple?

Apple has announced days ago about the results of the fourth fiscal quarter Q4 of 2019 began its fiscal year which starts October of each year. Since the disclosure of these numbers and shares of Apple rise throughout the 3 sessions of cascading, although the results may look bad. What a secret this is what you told us the results of the business reality of the company and its future is?

ماذا أخبرنا العام المالي 2019 المنتهي عن مستقبل أبل؟

Revenue and profit less

The detection results of the business for about a few negative points which are as follows:

◉ Fell total revenues of the company to become 260.17 million, compared with $ 265.59 million the previous year.

◉ Increased operating expenses special Apple to become 34.46 million, from 30.9 million the previous year.

◉ Fell cost of sales “Cost Of Sales” to become 161.78 million compared to 163.75 million.

◉ The company net profit fell to become 55.25 million versus $ 59.5 million.

◉ Made the iPhone the worst decline in the history of Apple where he achieved 142.3 million versus 164.8 million, i.e. a decrease of 13.6% while both the decline in revenue is only 2%.

The above test means that the total sales decreased and gross profit decreased gazetted Apple which sells gold “iPhone” declining sales… so why if the price of the stock?

Optimism for 2020 in spite of the retreat

Although the numbers may seem negative, but the police seem to have succeeded in an important point which is “better than expectations”. Yes the past was so dark and everyone thought the worst but came Bad less than the average get together. for details:


China: fell Apple’s sales in China of 8.26 million, while the total decline in sales is 5.4 million this means that Apple’s popularity is booming around the world and the only in China which mostly didn’t happen because of a problem in the Apple but the economic war of the Chinese States of America.


IPhone: the worst sagging occurs in the history of the Apple iDevice of the iPhone while the previous year was the hardware that sold is X at a price of 1000$ and 8 at a price of 700$ and the iPhone 8 Plus, priced at$ 800 (forgive us the $ 1 Extra that we added List) which we can assume the area that the average price 833$ (collect three and then Section 3) While the devices sold are the Xr priced at$ 800 and the iPhone Xs is priced at $ 1000 and the iPhone Xs Max at a price of 1100$ which has become the expected theoretical 966.66$ any increased expected theoretical 16%. So sudden is the decline proceeds? When it becomes iPhone at the price of the most expensive and the outcome is less it means that the amount of said heavily, maybe more than 20% of the phones the three basic.

But the New Year gives us optimism; the day the iPhone 11 and 11 pro popular huge sales miss expectations… the vast thwarted by Xs and Xr and see new and were teased for while 11 people not almost non-existent. This means that the iPhone will be better.


Improved the iPad: the figures showed increased sales of the iPad for the first time in years, but have increased 15.7% this means that finally, Apple managed to put the iPad in a right way once again for sold including value of 21.2 billion which is larger than the number 2018 which was 18.38 and the largest number 2017, which was 19.22 larger than No. 2016 which was 20.62 million. This is to reassure the future of the device relatively.


Research thrive: the spending Apple’s research sector R&D rate unprecedented in 2014 and 6 million in 2015 and has spent 8 million and then in 2016, has spent 10 million in 2017 spent 11.6 billion in 2018 spent 14.2 million and is up to 16.2 million in 2018. The constant increase means that the company has ideas for new products always.


Accessory work: smartphones globally two years ago, there is a decline in total sales… everyone started to feel bored and became a wonderful device and does not need to change them annually. The future in the devices sector will be in products such as smart watches and like the heavens and smart. In this sector, Apple has achieved a growth of 40% in revenue. This index also reassured investors.


Services: primary sector away from the devices which has a promising future. Here, too, Apple is doing well. The proceeds of 46.29 million while the total sales of iPad and Mac with 47 million almost any services like them together. This sector achieved a growth of 6% and that’s before you add new sectors such as the Arcade and like the Tv+ and other services that its extra money in the pocket of Apple. And don’t forget the incremental growth in global support for Apple Pay

The bottom line

If you feel distracted than ever, we can chosen as follows in 2020:

IPhone: feel the pressure, but the success of the 11 and the expectations raised SE2 make it we’ll see improvement.

IPad: the right way for the first time in years.

Mac: start the new era estate with the Mac Pro and the expectations by 16-inch and update the iMac and other.

Accessories: will Apple’s complete safety will be the Tags and maybe hear a HomePod other.

Services: continues to improve and the future is not promising.

China: the alliance of Apple transfer of industry outside of China to free itself from the crisis.

We can say that the hints and leaks about the future of Apple was for the first time is the tool that saved her; and without her, you feel ashamed. But now the company has reached the value of the market of the 1.14 trillion dollars and still there is optimism about the 2020 promising. You will need the company to reassure investors about the future effectively and not just “rumors that there are things to come,” i.e., we should not delay in putting up updates and be perfect without a glitch.

Tell us your opinion in the results of last year the company Apple? And do you see the company in its way to the 1.5 trillion or encounter obstacles and fall for some reason or another? Share your opinion in the comments.



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