What he wants to achieve Justin San from lunch with Warren Buffett for 4.56 million?

Warren Buffett has repeatedly accused captainvalor in ludomanii called digital assets by deception. Justin San is going to change the attitude of a billionaire to the crypt. We will remind, earlier CEO Tron won the right to lunch with Buffett in the course of the auction. The deal I had to put 4.56 million dollars.

It’s worth a try

It is unknown when it will lunch. However, on Monday, the San confirmed the coordination of dates, locations and other features with the team of Buffett. For lunch they will be in the restaurant Smith & Wollensky in new York. The meeting does not have to be private — Justin can invite up to seven of your friends.

We want this lunch has become a bridge between cryptocommunist and traditional investors. Most likely, for three hours to convince Warren Buffett to invest in crypto currencies would be impossible. However, we expect to show him the latest industry developments. This applies not only to Tron, but for the entire market of digital assets.

By the way, Justin San is a fan of Buffett. According to him, the investment strategy of billionaire helped him earn a lot of money.

I made a lot of money on these strategies. Therefore we will now try to repay Warren Buffett.

A meal with the billionaire will clearly benefit the popularity of Justin. About it now writing not only the media from cryptosphere, but well-known financial publication. Persona Sana exactly interested in on wall street. Recall, Justin received his higher education at the University Human and at one time was considered the protege of the head of Alibaba Jack MA.

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Price Tron is growing, today the value of bitcoin has increased by almost 9 percent. The market is responding positively to the news. Maybe some replica of Warren during a meeting with Justin may greatly affect the development of the situation. In order not to miss anything, subscribe to our cryptcat of hontarov.


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