What headphones prefer our readers?

Usually, you only give a hint about the headphones, there is much debate on the topic of what you should choose. Each shows its own “correct” point of view and does not accept the arguments of the other parties. The fight never comes, but, as a rule, the opponents listen to each other. There’s a simple explanation — every person is different the shape of the ear and different requirements to headphones. Let’s try again to discuss what headphones are preferred by our readers. So we will become closer to you and we speak the same language. We are ready to listen to your opinion.

Music has become for us not only a way of pleasure. Sometimes it helps just to hide from the outside world.

What headphones should you choose?

I’ll start with myself. Over the years the love for the music I tried many different headphones. Among them were the ear plugs, overhead, full-sized and each had its advantages, which forced me to use exactly this type it was at that point in time. For example, now I have with me almost constantly, there are three different types of headphones.

Yesterday our website went article with a description of the major types of headphones. If you do not know what call can see

Like many, I started out with just a wired ear. In those days, not so much about wireless, even on in-ear headphones speech was not, as it was a long time ago. Wide enough popular headphones, but they somehow did not come, and I prefer something more compact. There was, however, I have earphones which combines the invoice and in-ear option.

The exact name of the model I do not remember, and I’ve long since they lost. In order to understand what was going on, I googled similar options and found that most likely they were called Sony MDR-W08. They gave very good sound due to large diaphragm and was very light. Because of their lightness and softness they could not remove her head for hours. They were especially good for working at the computer, where I used them. Roughly speaking, they were just leaning against the inner part of the ear, but not invested in it and not crushed from the outside. That was a comfort.

For normal life I then one by one changed the channel Sony. Sometimes I lost, sometimes they break, but in General completely suits me. Around the same time I could not understand those who worshipped bundled headphones from the iPod and iPhone first generation. The sound seemed to me quite vague and did not cause desire to use them for longer than ten minutes.

Remember how many of my friends love to use these headphones.

They did not like me and that because of his solid body pressed on the ears. Now opponents of in-ear headphones argue with me, but as I said above, everyone has their own ears. In this case, the sound in those headphones from Apple came in to replace them EarPods and later AirPods (not yet talking about the AirPods Pro), were quite good. They just lacked evidence.

Soon we will prepare a separate post on the headphones with noise isolation, and pok asvae didn mogie to Express in our Telegram chat

Later I got tired of wires and I switched to headset Sony SBH-50. I liked the fact that can connect simultaneously to two devices, a third channel was built-in radio. I connected it to the tablet and smartphone, and sometimes even listening to the radio when you get bored just music or like the road to listen to a sports stream.

Sony SBH-50 was a very handy device for all occasions.

This headset I refused only after it broke its bundled headphones. The wire was very short and it was convenient. To find an analogue then I could not and bought the same headset, but another model — the Sony SBH-54. It so happened that I loved this brand. Such headsets I ”endured” as much as two, since one has managed to wash in my pocket and she predictably died.

Sony SBH-54 — another great example of the headsets that time.

After that I switched to wireless JBL E25BT. Luxury model, which I really liked even sound that there was relatively average quality, though fully consistent with its price, and format. The main unit was exactly back and it was very comfortable clothespin. Secured to the collar and not think about anything. Thus, wire length is enough to simply turn his head. More was not necessary. I still think these headphones are some of the most successful of those that I used. However, sometimes they hung out and it was branded a sore. Treated is connected to power.

Compact, convenient, good sound… JBL E26BT

Now I use a full-sized Bose QC35II that I like their sound, threshold and light weight. I don’t like something squeezing the head, even a hat, but these headphones I can sit for hours. Actually, that’s what I do on the plane. Even on long flights, I can not remove. Plus time at the airport of departure and arrival. In the end I take them off for 7-8 hours and feel great. Although in summer is hot.

A couple of them I use the recently released AirPods Pro to work in conjunction with the iPhone, which I also have. In addition, just in case in my backpack are a compact of the JBL Everest plugs 110. However, they run out quickly if you are idle. But out of habit I still carry them with me always.

The most popular headphones

Now let’s cut to the chase. Write in the comments what headphones you prefer. You can even name the model and share their pros and cons. Help each other choose the interesting option of good quality.

It does not matter what headphones. It can be bundled plugs from cheap budget smartphone or JBL, and you can be an audiophile monsters that cost tens of thousands of rubles.

Also write down what headphones may recall from the old times. Than you used to, but then stopped (lost, broken and the like)? Perhaps someone will remember them. Let’s just hang out at interest. And while ”tick” in the vote, in order to more clearly see the picture.

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