What headphones to order from China? American!

Market sound you can often find new names, which, as it turns out later, has already established itself not only audiophiles, but also among ordinary listeners. To such brands is an American company Mixcder, one of the leaders in the field of audio systems on the other side of the Atlantic ocean. The Arsenal of the manufacturer is not only in-ear model, but with overhead active noise cancelling, so they are really fun to watch.

Take the same headphones Mixcder flyto. This is a “bung” with obvious sports bias. No wonder that there is protection from sweat. Built-in battery lasts 8.5 hours of listening, and 6-mm drivers give good sound (Bluetooth 4.1 “delivered”).

Earphones assembled very efficiently and, if to take into account a wireless design, for sure will last as long as possible. Cable, by the way, is made of plain black silicone, but not harden in the cold, does not tangle in the incomprehensible “something” that eliminates MIC effect using the clip.

Well, for dessert — a rich equipment (case, replacement earpads, charging cable) and the price… less than $ 700. To buy better on AliExpress — there reviews you can read, and deliver quickly. Still 99% of all headphones are made in China.

Among the miscellaneous models of the manufacturer can be noted E9 — with active noise control. At the heart of her work is the signal processing noise recorded outside the earphone, and adding the antiphase signal to the useful signal supplied to the emitters. Emitters is well made — the dynamic head with a 40-millimeter diffusers.

Headphones are connected via Bluetooth and has buttons and a microphone that allows you to control playback and use the E9 as a headset. Plus karma can be considered the aluminum cups (ear cups made of artificial, but rather the quality of the skin).

Compared to E8 and E9 in the developers have worked over the existing drivers to obtain a new sound. Low frequencies are slightly reduced in comparison with the first generation, but the bass is very deep. MIDs remained detailed and become slightly warmer, with a positive impact on the listening experience vocal compositions. Instruments retain their character, they are well separated and easily positioned on the ear.

Looking for where you can buy them cheaper — I found it on AliExpress, are there now give a good discount.

Mixcder HD901 — model a little easier. There is no active noise cancellation, and the material of the bowls is not as cool, but without 40-mm emitters has not been. So the sound quality here too, just no active noise cancellation. To adjust the playback is also possible using the controls on the bowls.

Headphones play quite well with simple sources like the iPhone or MacBook, but in order to fully realize their potential, it is better to have a quality player and Lossless formats. The benefit of the 3.5 mm cable is included. Genre headphones designed for hip-hop, electronic music and those areas where deep and powerful bass will benefit.

The price, which is just above 1, 000, while a bit annoying, but pokerstyle the same Amazon — the headphones do cost about 3 000 rubles without discounts. Just now they sale, and judging by the reviews of buyers, all should be well.

What to choose? The conclusion is clear — all the models are very good, what to prefer — a matter of taste and type (in-ear or overhead). flyto is more neutral, whereas HD901 and E9 are made clearly, with emphasis on the bass. But all three offer good design and a rich set of delivery, and E9 stands still and perfectly tuningowanych sound.

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