What hinders the development of Ethereum? The opinion of the co-founder of the project

Charles Hoskinson, who now heads the company IOHK, at the time also stood at the origins of Ethereum. He later withdrew from working on the project and started their own cryptocurrency Cardano. Recently, Hoskinson gave an exclusive interview to news portal Cointelegraph, which told about the current situation in the “inner workings” of Ethereum. With this information it becomes clear what is happening with the project and how.

Disadvantages of the cryptocurrency Ethereum

First of all Charles said about the relationship of “leader” Ethereum Vitalik Buterin and situations within the project. Apparently Ethereum is heavily dependent on young developer. Here is a quote from Hoskinson.

The Ethereum is developing at a speed Vitalik. If he understands that direction of development of the project, the rest of the team without problems copes with all the difficulties. However, in the areas of research and product development to the market need experience.

According to Hoskinson, the Ethereum is the first project in life Baterina. In other words, he simply does not have enough experience for certain things.

He has never been like this before. This is his first company, first draft. He was never a researcher or CEO.

That is, Charles admits that if Baterina would have a better experience, Ethereum would have evolved differently. And, obviously, much faster.

Виталик Бутерин Эфириум криптовалюта

Acne left education at the University for their project

Recall, at the time of the launch of Ethereum Vitalik was only 21 years old, and today his 26 years. Despite such a young age, he has managed to earn more than decent condition for your project. We have examined in detail the assets Balerina in a separate article, we recommend you to take a look.

According to Hoskinson, the development team at Ethereum aims too high of goal, while their projected development rate of the project is too optimistic.

Some things, like the decentralization of the Internet and the new economy of tokens, you can take 5, 10 or 20 years. It’s all very complicated and requires a lot of experience from the point of view of science and development. Community Ethereum blindly believe that the project will somehow develop in just a few months, not decades.

We agree that sometimes the forecasts of developers of the team too exaggerated. The most popular example is the statement Vitalik Buterin on the date of transition to the algorithm of the Proof-of-Stake. Back in the summer of 2015, he said that the transition will take place over 9-12 months. As you probably know, Ethereum is still working on Proof-of-Work, that is, the forecast is late for a couple of years. By the way, the owners of the cards on this well earned.

Виталик Бутерин Эфир крипта

Acne Buterin is one of the most recognizable individuals in the industry

Note that now the developers of Ethereum continue to move the project forward. In particular, output in the test Ethereum 2.0 zero phase was established by the first unit, that is, the release of the network itself became a step closer. By the way, read more about the stages and phases of the transition to the updated Ethereum, read our separate article.

However, Charles Harbor warm feelings for most acne and is not hatet it. Here is another of his quote.

Vitaly is a good guy. I never questioned his ethical qualities, moral principles and belief in your product and ecosystem.

Виталик Бутерин

Acne Buterin

The conclusion is clear: the team Ethereum seriously not only depends on Vitalik Buterin, but also from his skill. However, claims both component no. Besides acne skillfully fighting off critics, and did not once. So it remains to wait for updates to find out that the developers plan to do next.

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