What I love about Apple and why Android manufacturers should think

A lot of years Android manufactures to give consumers what is really important. This story is about how one iPhone I’m still not ready to part with it, with the understanding that all the superiority and diversity of Android-based solutions.

“The smartphone is very smooth. There is no lag in the shell or animations” — so dissatisfied with the responsiveness of the owner 6 OnePlus wrote on the forum

But isn’t responsiveness and smoothness are not the same concepts? Fortunately, no. The smartphone can be extremely rapid and smooth, he may not be problems with animations, but all this does not mean that the phone will quickly respond to pressing.

Any Android-smartphone can not be compared with Apple’s responsiveness

In all the years of proficiency in iPhone and Android I realized that really like the iPhone more just a quick response, thanks to which even the old iPhone 6 lagaya shell and inhibitory scrolls just seems so smooth. There is no such effect even on the new Android flagship.

To better understand what was going on, open the curtain with quick settings and try to abruptly change the brightness by sliding the slider. You will see that he will follow the finger with a slight lag. IPhone owners lag virtually invisible.

French site lesnumeriques, has published interesting data:

  • OnePlus 6 : 95 MS
  • OnePlus 5T : 85 MS
  • Pixel 2 XL : 78 MS
  • Galaxy S9+ : 74 MS
  • iPhone 8 : 42 MS
  • iPhone X : 41 MS

The list above demonstrates the delay of the reaction to the clicking, that is how quickly the smartphone will respond to the user action. You may notice that even the new Galaxy S9+ on this parameter is far behind iPhone.

A larger scale comparison conducted on the site danluu:

Apple has always had a special approach to the delay, so even the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 on this indicator is not worse and even better than iPhone X, what will be felt extremely responsive, even today.

You may notice that the test results danluu not coincide with those of the French colleagues, but it is understood that in the second case could be used other methods of measuring delay. This is not so important, important to understand the differences within each test, not trying to compare the results of one test with another.


Before you numbers. You can, of course, write in the comments what I should write stuff on AppleInsider, but it seems that Android owners need to understand what are the disadvantages compared to the iPhone have their units.

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