What is a graphene battery and why it is needed in the smartphone

Samsung is reportedly going to release next year at least one smartphone with a graphene battery is already standard lithium-ion battery. Yes, you may have heard that graphene batteries were going to install in smartphones a few years ago. And some of you that might wonder – “what kind of graphene batteries are?”. What is the advantage of graphene batteries before Li-ion and why manufacturers install them in their devices, we will cover in this article.

What is a graphene battery

Last year, the rumors that Samsung is close to the use of graphene batteries in their smart phones began to spread in Chinese social network Weibo, but, as we all know, no such device has yet appeared on the market. What is so special about graphene batteries? Well, due to the special material, which are made from a graphene battery that they can charge five times faster than lithium-ion.

This material also allows you to increase the battery capacity by 45 percent, and it can withstand higher temperatures. That is due to resistance to higher temperatures on the graphene batteries can be supplied more voltage, allowing them to charge significantly faster.

Why smartphone manufacturers graphene battery

All of the above benefits will be useful for modern smartphones, especially given the market trend to make them thinner and thinner from model to model. But I wonder how long it will continue reducing the thickness of the shell smartphone? Until they become a thick sheet of paper? In this case, they will have to eat only energy space, because relatively bulky battery – this is the main reason why smartphones are so hard to make flexible and ultra-thin.

By the way, new Galaxy Note 10+ a thickness of only 7.9 mm, which is almost 1 mm less than the Galaxy Note 9. Of course, Samsung has managed to equip the Note 10+ battery capacity of 4300 mAh, but no one will complain if in the same case put, say, battery capacity of 5000 mAh, so even with a much higher charging speed than it is now.

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How long buyers will have to wait before they can buy a smartphone with a graphene battery, we can only guess. Samsung will likely become the first manufacturer submitted a phone on the market, and, as I said in the beginning, it may happen as early as 2020. As usual, these rumors should be taken with some skepticism.

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