What is App Attest from iOS 14 and why you need it

There is never too much security, according to Apple. Therefore, this year the company decided to further tweak the operating system's defenses to make it clear to its customers that their privacy is more important to it than the interests of everyone else. This was confirmed even by Facebook, which expressed its dissatisfaction to Apple over the ban on tracking user actions in applications, which will be introduced with the release of iOS 14 . But, as it turned out, this is not the only innovation focused on protection.

Hacking apps with iOS 14 will be difficult

Какие приложения станут ненужными после выхода iOS 14 и macOS Big Sur

IOS 14 will include a new tool called App Attest. Its purpose is to help developers prevent unauthorized intruders from taking over their applications. While this may sound incredible, it does happen from time to time. To prevent this from happening, App Attest generates a cryptographic key on users' devices, which is used to verify the integrity of the connection between the application and the server it is accessing.

Hacking iOS Apps

App Attest will generate a cryptographic key to verify the integrity of the application

The new App Attest API, part of the DeviceCheck service, helps protect your apps from security threats on iOS 14 and later, reducing the potential for fraudulent practices. With the help of App Attest, you can create a special cryptographic key on the device and use it to check for hacking even before the server opens the application access to sensitive user data, explained the developers at Apple.

Как ощутимо повысить скорость съёмки на iOS 14

Implementation of App Attest into applications will be voluntary, and developers will make their own decisions about its use. That is, Apple – at least for the first time – does not plan to insist on the use of a new mechanism. It is completely standard practice that manufacturers do not initially try to force developers to use any particular technology. It was the same with the adaptation of software for 64-bit processors, which became mandatory only at the beginning of this year, although such chips have been used in Apple devices for 7 years.

IOS 14 security

IOS 14 keeps user data under control

App Attest can really help keep user data secure. Practice shows that applications can be hacked by hackers and used as a means of collecting data about unsuspecting users. Of course, banking applications, as a rule, are not hacked, although history knows such cases, but mail applications, alternative clients of social networks and instant messengers are even hacked. As a result, users enter their data, which goes to cybercriminals.

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In general, if you judge, then iOS 14 can safely be considered one of the most "secure" versions of Apple's mobile OS. The company's developers have done so much work to improve the platform's defense mechanisms that it's even hard to believe that it took them one year. But even more respectable is the fearlessness with which Cupertino approached the issue of security, not afraid to oppose the developers , who actually lost the ability to track users.

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