What is around the black hole at the center of the milky Way?

To show this, scientists needed the help of the NASA supercomputer

In addition to the great planets and other space objects galaxy the milky Way hides in its center a giant black hole, which is almost 5 million times more massive than our Sun! Despite the fact that in comparison with other similar objects, this black hole called Sagittarius A* fairly quiet, she constantly attracts the stars, dust and other matter to their immediate surroundings, forming a dense star metropolis. Benefit is it very far from the Earth, and for us, this black hole is harmless. For this reason, about the nature of the mysterious anomaly to date, little is known. So astronomers decided to go all out and even brought a supercomputer to create a model of the surroundings of this supermassive black hole. Ever wanted to be close to the object? Now you have this opportunity.

Located in the center of the milky Way

A team of astronomers from Chile have developed a new computer model, which can be used to see how varied the environment of a giant black hole at a distance of 3 light years over the past 500 years. Using the data that were collected during observations in recent years by space and ground-based telescopes, they recreated a real view of what is near the enormous black hole in the center of the milky Way. All information was processed with the help of a supercomputer , NASA HEC (High End Computing), who created the final version of the model.

To observe space objects were more interesting, the scientists made some changes: for example, in the model the size of a black hole was enlarged ten thousand times, otherwise it would be very difficult to see. Also for a better understanding astronomers have painted the main space phenomena. So, the flow of x-ray radiation resulting from the collision of the powerful stellar winds or with clouds of gas showed blue and blue flowers. And red and yellow highlighted the stellar wind containing a cold gas. If blue and red colors in some area overlap each other, it is painted in purple.

To see the center of our galaxy the giant black hole inside you at 4-minute video, which was released by the American space Agency NASA.

And those who have virtual reality helmet, can install the app from the Galactic Center VR, which is available for free in stores Steam and Viveport VR (used for virtual reality helmets HTC).

Black hole at the center of the milky Way

In fact, almost all (if not all) galaxies have black holes in the center. And we still poorly understand how they grow and develop — as it happens to disproportionately high rate. Although Sagittarius a* contains a lot more than 5 million suns, it’s still a small dot compared to the giant ultramassive black holes whose mass can reach a billion suns! Some of them are so large that scientists can’t even determine an upper limit to the size of black holes.

A black hole is a region of space-time where the gravitational pull is so enormous that to leave this very specific area may not even light. The closest to the Earth a black hole is a triple star system HR 6819, which is distant from the Sun a thousand light years.

I think they are growing billions of years? Not really. Astronomers came to believe that black holes grow literally “the day” in the space equivalent.

The black hole (frame from the movie “interstellar”)

As for the black hole Sagittarius a*, scientists have a lot to learn over the past few years. For example, in August 2019 during observations, it became known that the object for a few hours was up to 75 times brighter! And earlier this year noticed that around the Central black hole of our galaxy rotate a few unusual objects — they look like elongated blobs of gas several times more massive than Earth.

Despite its small on a cosmic scale, the size of the discovered objects behave like little stars that pass dangerously close to the edge of a black hole without being ripped to shreds. How? Scientists believe that this and stars and clumps of gas at the same time!

In fact, even the most eminent astronomers don’t know a hundredth of one percent of what is hidden behind this black hole. For example, is it possible to get out of the black hole, as did the hero Matthew McConaughey in the movie “interstellar”? In our Telegram chat often raise this question, and while nobody could dispute that this is indeed possible. Probably not so cinematic, but who knows what really lurks in there?

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