What is Bitcoin? Patreon bans users under pressure MasterCard

Crowdfunding platform Patreon is suffering from a Fiat centralization. It happened after MasterCard has demanded to block the account of the famous writer and several other users. American author of several books on counter-Jihad and consultant to law enforcement Robert Spencer spoke about the letter from the company, which was received in August. According to him, the platform just lynched him and now he can’t use the funds collected.

I was thrown with Patreon without any explanation or notification. I’m sure that the consequences of the onset of the hard Left that cover all platforms, disagree with their opinion.

It is worth noting that Patreon Spencer responded publicly, saying that the account has been deleted at the request of the company MasterCard. Since then, Patreon was involved in couple of scandals, including a lock of the podcast Sam Harris.

It remains unknown what led to this decision, but the commentators both inside and outside of the crypto community payment service accused of censorship. One of the Twitter users accused Patreon in a child’s excuse as “the agreement on provision of services of the platform there is no word on MasterCard”.

It turns out, third-party controls what platform is ready to support and whom not. It all seems like a terrible precedent.

Although it is worth noting that Patreon is not the first company that goes to the processing centers. As reported by Bitcoinist, PayPal for the past several years, regularly blocks or limits the operation of businesses and users of Bitcoin. For example, in October, PayPal has blocked censoriously social network Gab. It happened a few months later after the same was made by the American crypto currency exchange Coinbase. More data look at cryptodata.

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