What is Boltzmanngasse brain?

Could the Universe be conscious? For the first time this unusual question asked by a famous scientist of the twentieth century by Ludwig Boltzmann, who suggested that the whole world around us develops according to the laws of entropy, or a certain probability of occurrence of an event. Given the fact that complex the body requires much more time to develop than simple, you can make a logical conclusion, the appearance of a man much less likely than the emergence of an independent brain. Whether this is so or to the theory of the Boltzmann crept some kind of mistake? Let’s try to speculate about it together in this article.

If the theory of the multiverse theory is correct, then one of countless Universes may well be something that can realize its existence

Can reason appear out of nowhere?

Despite the fact that the phrase “Boltzmanngasse brain” many imagine floating in the vast space of the human brain, Ludwig Boltzmann described the result of a spontaneous fluctuation rather as a kind of thinking substance, which is able to realize their existence and to observe the world around you. So, his vision of a “Boltzmann brain” could show the famous science fiction writer Stanislaw LEM’s novel “Solaris”, where the thinking substance acts as a giant planet-the ocean. Modern physicists have gone even further, admitting that “Boltzmanngasse brain” can be absolutely any creature in the Universe, including you and me. Due to the fact that space is constantly expanding, acquiring new properties, the infinity of events within it can also give rise to a separate mind within the Universe. Such ideas hitherto considered obscene for thought in the scientific community, gradually start to become a part of scientific knowledge, which is increasingly beginning to absorb not only the theory of physics and mathematics, but philosophy, and psychology.

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Ludwig Boltzmann was one of the founders of modern thermodynamics

Is our universe unique?

The problem of “Boltzmann brain” you can try to resolve from the point of view of quantum field theory, which asserts that in an infinite number of Universes can be detected as a countless number of copies of an event. In other words, the infinity of time and space is able to create with absolute precision everything that has ever been informed. So, Friedrich Nietzsche in the nineteenth century talked about the idea of the eternal return, in which the story returns to its detailed re-creation if not in our Universe specifically, then at least one of its numerous copies.

Control all the universes and the worlds are tiny and barely noticeable fluctuations, which sometimes can be just a butterfly can flap its wings in the Amazon, who somehow became a link in the chain of events leading to the formation of a hurricane in Moscow. Thus somewhere in the depths of the Universe can be conceived is an exact copy of our Solar system with our planet Earth and all its inhabitants. The probability of such events, of course, miserable. However, the scale of the Universe even the most improbable event has the right to appearance and existence. However, the likelihood of the spontaneous formation of a Boltzmann brain, in this case, it becomes much more real than even the appearance of the individual.

What do you think, is the theory, proving the possibility of a Boltzmann brain, realistic, and has the right to exist? Let's try to discuss this issue in our Telegram chat or on the official channel on Yandex.Zen.

Despite the fact that such arguments can seem only fiction writer with a wild imagination, modern cosmologists use the brain paradox Boltzmann as one of the most important theories of the origin of the Universe and the emergence in it of a person.

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