What is different from the Touch 3D Haptic Touch

Very soon in sale iPhone XR. This smartphone has truly become unique in its kind — a large number of colours, the performance flagship, a relatively small price for the background of the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max. Special iPhone XR does that for the first time abandoned its proprietary technology of 3D Touch and replacing it with an analog — Haptic Touch. This was done in order to save, or Apple is indeed planning to put a cross on screens recognising a degree of depression?

The technology of 3D Touch appeared in Apple smartphones in 2015, but has not gained popularity among users. Rumors that Apple is going to abandon the displays, allowing to recognize the pressure levels go for a long time. And here comes the first smartphone without 3D support Touch — iPhone XR. Of course, the rejection of this technology can be explained by the fact that the company wanted to reduce the already high costs in the manufacture of the device. However, the fact that iPhone 8 this technology was at a lower final cost, and that iOS 11, Apple has added simulation features 3D Touch by holding, said the obvious — U.S. Corporation is shifting away from this option.

As expected, the replacement of 3D Touch came its counterpart — the Haptic Touch. The technology works in a similar way, but instead of pressing force used for long retention. To receive haptic feedback, as before, uses the vibration motor Taptic Engine. The main difference is that this will not all features are available 3D Touch. For example, you cannot access the options application c desktop. In addition, Haptic Touch is not on the entire surface of the screen.

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