What is expected to be announced at the conference Apple TV coming in March

Mentioned site BuzzFeed recently that Apple will be a special event in the history of March 25, in the Hall of Steve Jobs. It is said that this event will focus on the subscription service of news coming from Apple, is unlikely to be announced for the new devices.

According to the report, it is unlikely to be asked to hear the AirPods new, or even iPad mini the new, and other devices at an event in March. But it is unknown to date whether video broadcast service direct from the Apple TV will appear in the event or not.

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Earlier today, a report from the newspaper “The Wall Street Journal” that Apple is planning to get the revenue of a subscription service in the news 50/50 between them and publishers, but may face barriers to powerful by many publishers.

The cost of the subscription service in the news Apple $ 10 per month, giving users access to a range of publishers. In addition, it is rumored that Apple is planning to launch a subscription to the magazine, but it is unclear whether it will be included in the news service or is sold as a subscription independent.

It is also said that Apple is planning to create an app TV with support for participation in third party services. He said an earlier report published last month, the water will launch in mid-April or early May, it is not clear whether this service will appear at an event in March or not.

Proposed report coming from the supply chain, that Apple will launch the new version of hear their AirPods 2, the base wireless charging AirPower, and new iPad in March 29.

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