What is Harmony OS when it comes out and what devices are supported

Modern smartphone market is actually divided into two segments. One devices based on Android and the other iPhone that work exclusively on iOS. This redistribution has occurred for a long time, and until recently, did not cause doubt about his integrity. However, after the United States imposed sanctions on Huawei, forbidding her to use Google services, the Chinese company took the decision to shake up the established foundations of running your own software platform – OS Harmony.

Harmony OS is a proprietary OS Huawei, which will only shoot

Huawei told us which devices will receive the first HarmonyOS

Harmony OS is the operating system of Huawei, which was presented in August 2019, the year at the conference Huawei Developers Conference. Contrary to rumors that Huawei has developed specifically for their smartphones in case of a ban on the use of Android, it wasn’t. According to rumors, initially Harmony OS was created as a software platform for the operation of the servers. Despite this, the developers of the company decided to try to adapt it for other devices.

Devices that support Harmony OS

Now the only devices that work in Harmony OS is TV Honor

Of course, adaptation of the OS meant for servers, a smartphone required a lot of effort and time. So first of all, Huawei made it from the operating system for TVs, which the company chose to name the smart screen, then there are smart screens. These are already being sold in China, but outside it was never released. The following type of devices that will receive the Harmony OS will be smart watches. Most likely their release will take place in September, coinciding with the launch of flagship smartphone Huawei Mate 40.

Remember Harmony OS? Huawei is preparing for her big update

But smartphones Huawei support OS Harmony if you will, not earlier than in couple of years. Still, despite the good scalability of the platform, it must be separately adapted to work on smartphones, to draw the interface, test it, fill the necessary features and optimized for the used hardware. In General, a lot of work, and considering how some of the top managers of Huawei, related to the project Harmony OS, the likelihood that she will not be a mass OS is stored.

Harmony OS vs Android

Harmony OS can run on a variety of devices

Huawei too late with the launch of the Harmony OS, because the situation will be extremely difficult to get around the operating systems Apple and Google, which already divided the market between themselves. The problem is compounded by the fact that the users love Android, and are unlikely to be happy if we deprive them of the opportunity to use their OS on our devices. In principle to try to win your share it is possible, but it may take too much time. Think, 300 years we will have enough — said Ren Jenifa, CEO of Huawei.

Harmony OS better than Android

However, the head of the consumer sector Huawei Yu Cendon believes that Harmony OS has all chances to become a strong player in the market of mobile operating systems. According to him, corporate development, Huawei has a number of unique benefits that will interest users:

Harmony OS is very lightweight and fast. At least so we are told in Huawei

  • A custom kernel and improved security, unlike Android which uses the Linux kernel;
  • Good scalability (in term Harmony OS will also run on TVs, and smartwatches, smartphones and smart bulbs);
  • Undemanding to resources (Harmony OS unimportant neither the CPU nor the RAM of the device);
  • This high performance is due to the General lightness and undemanding OS.

Huawei will not be back on Android after launching HarmonyOS

In General, Harmony OS is a long – term project that will be able to unleash its full potential only in the next few years. Now he looks more like Tizen OS from Samsung, unpopular OSes running on the TV and watch. But it is obvious that it will take time, and Huawei will be able to Express themselves more thoroughly. Does it seem to me it is unreal? I don’t think. After all, if you remember, when Symbian was considered invincible platform, and then suddenly disappeared with all smartphones immediately.

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