What is known about their replacement Android from Huawei

Its own operating system Huawei, the development of which the company started a few years ago, fearing a possible ban on the use of Android in their smartphones actually exists and is called Hongmeng. It is reported Huawei Central, citing informed sources. The sources specify that the Hongmeng is not working, and the commercial name of the future platform, which, as the name of the processor Kirin, comes from Chinese mythology.

As reported by Huawei Central, Hongmeng, as Android is based on Linux kernel. However, in contrast to the “green robot”, a private Chinese OS will be universal, ensuring that as smartphones and desktop computers. Staking on the universality of the future platform, Huawei expected to protect themselves in the event, if it will restrict the use of Windows, which today is the basis of branded laptops of the company.

The Huawei solution is to call a future OS not OS Kirinand Hongmeng is likely to satisfy most fans of the brand. In any case, the Russian-speaking audiences the utterance of such names will cause trouble unnatural for Russian language layout sounds. However, we should not exclude that Huawei still change your mind and change the name of the platform when you decide to bring it to the international market.

Contrary to the view that Huawei no Android can’t stretch even a few months, we are inclined to believe that it is not. The fact that Huawei is a huge audience of dedicated users and huge financial resources. The only objective flaw that may be inherent to the new OS – no applications can be solved in a matter of months. Huawei is only to entice developers, promising them no commissions, as they are guaranteed to rush to adapt their AML Hongmeng. And there to leadership in the neighborhood.

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