What is Magisk and why you need to install it on your Android smartphone

About what is root access (or superuser access) I know almost all the owners of smartphones running Android. However, not many know that there is something better than the usual root-rights. This is Magisk, special modification FOR your phone so that you have all the benefits of root and had virtually no flaws. So this thing is very necessary and know that it is and “what it eats” will be extremely useful.

The first is to say that Magisk is, roughly speaking, the add-in that allows you to install custom mods. What is it different from root? The fact that Magisk works, leaving the system partition intact and changing only the boot partition of the operating system. Thus, Magisk you can use the system functions like Google Paywhat root is difficult to achieve.

How to install Magisk

Magisk has become popular in recent years as more and more Android features is currently protected by the SafetyNet system from Google. And install Magisk pretty easy if you have all the necessary components. The most important thing here is that your device must be running Android 4.2 or higher.

  • First you need to download a zip file of the program Magisk. It is possible to take here. If you don’t want to do it manually, you can boot using Magisk Manager (but we’ll talk about it later).
  • Next we need to install TWRP in order to be able to work with flash memory and archives.
  • Now you need to go into recovery mode and flash the device previously downloaded zip file. Mode of recovery is different for each line of smartphones, so find out which method will suit you in the official user’s guide. Usually it’s some combination of power button and the volume buttons.
  • After booting in recovery mode, locate the folder to which you downloaded the zip file and select it.
  • After unpacking, click “Install”.
  • When the installation is completed, reboot the system.

Installing application Manager Magisk

For Magisk now installed on your device. To operate it, you need a special Manager Magisk. It will allow you to install the modules to the most interesting of which we describe in a separate article. Download the latest version Magisk Manager APK here and make sure that your system settings are allowed to install programs from unknown sources.

Check that everything installed correctly

Open the just installed application Manager. We need to make sure that your device is still being tested Google SafetyNet. SafetyNet blocks apps such as Google Pay, when the system was changed. Magisk bypasses this restriction, leaving the system intact. Click the “SafetyNet Check”. If the button shows two green check marks, then the device is authenticated.

Google sometimes will “disturb” you with new updates for security Android, but the developers Magisk in response release a hotfix, so you will need to follow the current version of the add-in in order for everything to work properly.

Remember that all of the above actions you perform at your own risk.

In one of the following articles we will analyze with you the most interesting modules for Magisk. Stay with us! And join our news Telegram-channel.

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