What is misleading about LG ThinQ V40 and hardware support Google Assistant G7 LG ThinQ?

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Users already know that LG is likely to please this year, the two flagships — LG ThinQ LG G7 V35 ThinQ. According to a new report, in 2018, the range of LG V can be added to another model — LG ThinQ V40. In addition, LG ThinQ G7 can be implemented in hardware feature that will be an important advantage for developing the Android operating system of Google.

LG has previously said that he was going to abandon the yearly release cycle of its products. And now users are waiting for not only the debut of the LG ThinQ G7, which will be held soon, but the device V35 LG ThinQ, which also reportedly is in the works. However, users will probably be surprised to hear that LG will unveil this year another flagship. More features not yet available innovations were considered Cragga Oliver (Oliver Cragg) on the resource page androidauthority.com.

LG ThinQ V40 could be the fourth flagship in 2018

Famous “Lister” Evan Blass (Evan Blass) announced in Twitter about the third flagship smartphone that LG has yet to please in 2018. We are talking about LG ThinQ V40, which will be released in late summer or early fall of this year. The smartphone, code name which, it is reported that “Storm” will be released after announcements G7 ThinQ (Neo/Judy) and V35 ThinQ (Emma). It is expected that the announcement of the company’s flagship — LG G7 — will be held in new York on 2 may and in Seoul — may 3, 2018.

From the name of the model V40 LG ThinQ, it follows that he can become the successor to the LG V30. It is expected that the distinctive features of novelty will be functions of artificial intelligence, which, most likely, will apply when taking photos.

A little over a week ago, the Network appeared some alleged specifications of LG ThinQ V35. However, unlike the G7 LG ThinQ, a probable image of the device emerged.

Thus it may be that this year users will see two flagship V from LG, which will debut almost immediately after each other. Given the low sales figures LG G6 and a significant loss from the mobile division of the company, LG has announced earlier that there will be more to compete with other vendors, providing announcements within certain cycles and instead will use its own approach.

At the exhibition of mobile technology MWC 2018 LG did not announce significantly upgraded flagship and pleased the fans of their products smartphone LG ThinQ V30S, which is the new version V30. It should be recalled that during the annual Barcelona exhibition MWC the company has announced previously its flagship line of G. But, in any case, one flagship smartphone this year LG has already presented.

Because this year users can be further shown three new flagship smartphone from LG, users may have a question — can premium devices the company on the market too much? However, LG may not be offer all their new models on the world market, which, however, does not change the fact, the efforts of the engineering team of the company will be dispersed for the development of several flagships.

Whether LG will complement G7 ThinQ button Google Assistant?

Meanwhile, it has been “known” one of the important details of the nearest time of the announcement of the flagship LG ThinQ G7, which was reviewed in the article of Williams Pelegrina (Williams Pelegrin) in the published resource androidauthority.com.

Users are accustomed to include Google Assistant on their devices via voice commands or via the Google. According to rumors, the G7 ThinQ from LG will be a special button for Google Assistant.

As additional reports CNET, citing “people close to the development G7 ThinQ” button, Google Assistant will be placed on the left side of the new phone. It is reported also that the power button will be on the right at the time, as the fingerprint scanner will remain on the back panel of the flagship mobile device.

In addition to the standard functionality of the Google Assistant, G7 ThinQ can probably be implemented also customized command set from LG. At the same time, any specified command in the message is not specified.

G7 ThinQ could be the first smartphone that will find application special Google Assistant. It should be noted that Samsung has already implemented this approach by equipping its flagship smartphone of a physical button for the assistant to Bixby.

Why Google Assistant G7 LG ThinQ important for Google?

As in the case of button Bixby, Google Assistant ThinQ in the G7, according to the message cannot be reprogrammed to communicate with another application. To date, it is unknown whether the user can disable the Google Assistant.

Since the reprogramming button Google Assistant for other tasks is not provided, its presence in one of the most anticipated flagships will be an important advantage for the search giant Google, allowing him to increase the number of users of your virtual assistant.

Previously, Google Assistant already found their application not only in smart phones but in TVs, tablets and speakers. Amazon did the same against my assistant Alexa, which found a use in the columns of the Echo, automobiles, refrigerators and other devices.

However, the Google Assistant in the flagship smartphone will become an advantage for the company LG, which seeks to return to its smartphones popularity in the market. Starting with V30S ThinQ, LG began to consider artificial intelligence as the main distinctive features of its flagship devices. And this feature may be the most important ThinQ in the G7.

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