What is more harmful: the dirty air or cigarette smoke?

It’s pretty hard to believe, but every year because of polluted air in the world kills more than five million people. Perhaps the air is ruining your health right now because in urban air often has a high content of carbon dioxide, methane, ozone and other harmful substances. According to scientists, included in the list for poisonous substances ozone can cause the development of emphysema. This disease destroys the lungs, leading to shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing, thereby increasing the likelihood of sudden death. But how bad is it? Dirty air is more harmful than, say, smoke from cigarettes?

Previously it was thought that the most common cause of emphysema is Smoking. However, over time doctors around the world began to notice that a terrible disease develops even in non-smokers. Scientists suspected that the destruction of the lung tissue can also occur because of dirty air. To check whether or not they had a fairly large experiment, which lasted from 2000 to 2018.

How dirty is the air in cities?

The first thing the scientists decided to drive around the different States and to measure the concentration of nitric oxide and ozone, which are among the main air pollutants. According to the researchers, if the level of these substances is more than 100 parts per billion, the human body to cause serious harm. But, to their surprise, in most cities, the ozone level is only 10-25 parts per billion and nitrogen and the less.

The dirtiest city in the world — Tyan’in

The collected data were compared with the results of computer tomography of the heart and lungs 15,000. It turned out that the symptoms characteristic of emphysema, do was observed even in non-smokers. How exactly the calculations were made is unknown, but in the end, scientists announced that the cause of the destruction of the lungs can be even a small concentration of ozone. The dangers of nitric oxide was less pronounced — the study showed that every year its concentration falls.

Damage urban air

Thus, breathing ozone-polluted air for the past ten years, people cause the same harm as when thirty years of Smoking cigarettes. According to scientists, in the future, the polluted air will become even more dangerous — the average global air temperature increased almost every year, indicating that the onset of global warming. And with global warming, we will remind, on the Ground observed the accumulation of greenhouse gases, including dangerous ozone.

From dirty air is killing people. How to deal with it?

And you know what else it can collapse the lungs? Sounds pretty scary, but the human lungs can be damaged even during Chinese therapy — acupuncture. With such an unpleasant situation recently faced 79-year-old resident of Portugal, which came in for a session and because of the inexperience of the therapist went home with a punctured lung. The woman had to go through many difficulties, but in the end it all ended well.

Now, let’s think — how you think, how you breathe clean air? It influence your health? Your answers, as always, write in the comments or in our Telegram chat.

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