What is possible in the Huawei P20 Lite with the screen full width?

Huawei launched Huawei phone by P20 Lite recently as a new device aimed at young consumers, drawing on the screen of the special session, the report of a full width, outshines phone with a contemporary design and incorporates the latest operating systems allocated to one user repeated EMUI 8.0 to ensure that the granting of the end-user an unprecedented experience.

What enhances the properties of the interaction in the Huawei P20 Lite on?

Pleases Huawei P20 Lite the needs of young people from fashion lovers, and shine, and a sleek design gives the smallest possible Distance to edge higher and widescreen High-Definition LED 5.84 inches, and the Aspect Ratio 19:9 The appearance of a slim structure, and enhance the possibility of its use in the hand.

To provide the most elegant, work of the designers Huawei strictly to create a full screen slideshow, to increase the display area and the screen to the body commensurate with its distinctive design, the corners curved, and the Egyptians destroy the aspects of the upper edge and corners of the four screen Huawei P20 Lite with full width, representing an important achievement not the ability to achieve lol for them to overcome some of the constraints of the design.

And Huawei a different methodology in terms of the design of the upper edge, and a thickness of 5 mm and a width of 18 mm, the upper edge of the Huawei P20 Lite counterpart in the phone “iPhone x” iPhone X in terms of thickness, but about half its width (34.6 mm), proceeding from the philosophy of traditional design, the creative design team at Huawei modify the antenna to allow the structure thinner.

The distinct appearance add the beauty of the performance

As a phone designed for young consumers of fashion lovers, has been supplying Huawei P20 Lite screen full width to enhance its appearance outstanding, both in terms of the device itself or the content it displays.

And Huawei further step forward to give her phone a great performance don’t add up, and users Huawei P20 Lite operating system user interface Frequent EMUI 8.0, which was developed specifically for full width, and lays out the user experience superior Joomla advantages in software techniques and gear steel.

Team design the user interface EMUI 8.0 in Huawei lengthy discussions about the best way to display every element, from the size to the location, and the number of icons that should be shown in each region, to ensure that provide the user the best experience possible, and to provide more customization options, the team has added a feature to cover the areas adjacent to the edge of the upper and masking tape for the field of vision.

And play user interface Frequent EMUI 8.0 a role in enabling Huawei P20 Lite enhance his performance on the long-term by 12% (based on tests of the model after 18 months of the simulation process used in the lab), which reflected in turn on improving the user experience.

At the international level, has allowed the Huawei P20 Lite category available to buy Huawei’s ability to develop appropriate mighty in both categories of phones available and low, and define a new standard for smartphones high-quality and medium category.

With the excellent design based on the screen full width, and the salvation of exceptional photography and smooth the experience a user, including the splendor of the Huawei P20 Lite as the perfect choice for consumers who wish to get phones great design and performance size is small, competive price.

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