What is RCS messages Android, what is the difference from SMS?

SMS (Short message service) is a technology that allows you to send short messages with your phone. As often in 2018 users use SMS? Let’s be honest, this technology is obsolete, so its use is irrelevant. In 2019 we can expect the growing popularity of RCS (Rich Communication Services).

RCS is a replacement for SMS. In RCS there is no limit on the number of characters RCS support the transfer of files and photos without compression, group chats. In addition, the service supports crossplatforming work (you can chat with your friends with your smartphone and instantly continue the dialogue on PC or MAC).

In concept the RCS is a kind of iMessage, but for the entire smartphone market. Hard to say, would add support to the RCS in iOS Apple, because it does not need direct competitors. Google together with mobile operators has already started to extend the range of the RCS. Availability of services is shown below:

Application well demonstrates the possibilities of RCS is Messages from Google. If your smartphone does not support RCS will be activated the SMS service for transmission of text information. RCS is unique because of its business opportunities. For example, if the user will receive a message with an offer to pay for the ticket, the action to be carried out immediately in the application.

Another small example: the Russian Post sends the message about receiving a parcel with the button for instant location tracking without switching to other apps. A disadvantage of the RCS is the lack of end-to-end encryption as iMessage or Telegram.

The widespread use of RCS in the world and in Russia should begin in 2019. It is difficult to say whether the RCS become popular, because the lack of encryption is, at first glance, a serious drawback, as increasingly, society is demanding greater privacy against the backdrop of various scandals involving Facebook and Google that store too much information about users.

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