What is really waiting for the iPhone in 2020

Interestingly, Apple is still thinking on the development strategy of the iPhone? Judging by the number and details of the predictions of the prophets with Chinese names which are multiplying before our eyes (and prophets and prophecies), highly paid “strategists” might, without prejudice to the case, to replace people who can read, preferably also in Chinese. Sometimes I think that iPhone model next year already real and can be touched. Analyst at Rosenblatt increased the number of iPhone models 12 from four to six. Along with budget “iPhone SE 2”, so in 2020, will be released seven iPhone models. And

IPhone in 2020 will be some serious innovation

And, as the company specializiruetsya on the exchange the analyst and known for their special pessimism towards Apple in General and iPhone in particular (according to the forecast Rosenblatt Securities, stocks Apple at the end of 2019 should fall to $ 150. On 12 December, Apple stock was worth 270,77 dollar), and analyst Jun Zhang could not clarify what the iPhone 12, which would not have imagined, will be worse than the iPhone 11, and even the long-awaited iPhone SE 2 Apple will not help. Who guessed the events of the coming year better Jun Zhang with wall street or Min Chi-Ko? The fate of the prophecies of the first of them is not known, but the second the ratio of successful to unsuccessful predictions of the best in the world. Whose magic crystal better?

Main functions of iPhone 2020

IPhone Pro SE 2 in the forecast not reported anything new. He is expected in March, his name will probably be iPhone 9 – as already reported by other sources, and which I doubt, and it will only support 4G. LCD-display with a diagonal of 5.1 inch, Apple A13 Touch ID, the only camera on the back side for a very low price. Apple have a lot of unused parts and components, they should get rid of. The model is going to sell well, but outstanding results to expect from it should not be. The lineup is already relatively inexpensive iPhone 11, interest in cellular networks 4G drops in countries with a low standard of living in this segment of the market supply exceeds demand. In addition to getting rid of trash (spring cleaning?) the use of this model will not, and the thought of another iPhone model conditional SE 2 in 2021 (iPhone 9s?) there are serious doubts.

In the fall of 2020 Apple will put before the public six new iPhone models. The three of them, as futile “iPhone 9”, advantages of cellular networks of the fifth generation will be unavailable. This 4G iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro 4G iPhone 12 Pro Plus 4G. The other three iPhone Pro 5G 12, 12 Pro Plus iPhone 5G and iPhone 5G Max Pro 12 – the road ahead will be open. The principle of model designations is causing me some doubt, but after iPhone 11 Pro Max personally I do not rely on the fine taste of the “Apple” strategy. But nevertheless, something just doesn’t add up. According to the forecasts of Min Chi-Ko, an important differentiating factor for the iPhone of 2020 will not be the absence or presence of support networks 5G, and whether they support the millimeter range (mmWave) such networks or only “6 GHz”. In the proposed scheme, the names of this important fact is ignored. And the names of the patterns do not support 5G, if such all-taki will be, the reference to 4G is simply impossible. Why pay attention to backwardness of the model? It seems that a new prophet still are not familiar with the customs of the Apple.

By the way, rumor has it that iPhone in 2020 will receive the design in the spirit of the Quartet.

Let it be iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Plus, Pro 12 iPhone 5G, iPhone 5G Plus 12 Pro and iPhone Pro 5G 12 Max. And let the support of the upper range will be another option when buying models from 5G (except for amount of flash memory). In addition to supporting the 5G iPhone 12 more breakthrough innovations. Some of them approved and took into account analyst at Rosenblatt Securities Inc. I mean the 3D sensor of the surrounding space, Apple has too many leaks on this subject, perhaps deliberately. This has already know all. Some of the features of the iPhone 12, which prophesied Min Chi-Ko, Jun Zhang ignored. The iPhone 12, the new budget model, according to Rosenblatt Securities, is a LCD display with a diagonal of 6.1 inches and two cameras on the back side of the case. The iPhone and iPhone 12 Pro 12 Pro 5G – OLED display diagonal of 5.4 inches and two cameras on the back. IPhone 12 Pro Plus, Pro Plus 12 iPhone 5G and iPhone 5G Max 12 Pro – OLED with a diagonal of 6.1 inches (from Jun Zhang, apparently a typographical error in his forecast at the Max-model is the same diagonal as Plus Max can not be more), three cameras on the back side of the housing and a 3D sensor.

This design very much even anything

I think this is similar to the Apple lineup no more than the Huawei model, similar to the iPhone. This is my personal opinion, I do not impose it. Like, “I see.” What do you think? Write in our Telegram chat.

Alternative version of the iPhone in 2020

iPhone SE 2 (that is Min Chi-Ko is not called the iPhone 9, it made the other) will occupy the same niche, which this year took iPhone 11. It is doubtful that SE 2 is a LCD display since the supplier of such displays for the iPhone problem, and their consumer in an existing lineup (iPhone 11) – the best selling iPhone. And, like, all the iPhone of 2020 OLED needs to use. But the wait is long, in March 2020 to know if it will work 2 SE in General, and how it will be if it happens. Support Face ID he, most likely, will not. Apple has several patents that describe how to embed Touch ID under an OLED display – but would there be any of these ways, or go for the good old way (in the SE 2 and the touch of archaism is entirely appropriate) is unknown.

But it is better to let no one show

Because the niche iPhone 11 in this case is already occupied, Ming Chi-Ko believes that the iPhone 12 will be four. All support 5G, but two of them will only support the lower range, and two “luxury” model – both the range of 5G. In all models, the displays will be OLED, but in “luxury” it will be a particularly thin OLED, innovative and ambitious. In the luxury expensive models will be 3D sensor of the surrounding space. How Apple will call the model of the new line, most likely, do not know even in the Apple is usually considered a lot of options, the final decision when it becomes absolutely necessary. It is too early for this. They say that the building at the iPhone 12 will be similar to the iPhone 4 (metallic bezel flat), and the prices are not then do not grow, not that if will grow, it is not much. Version Min Chi-Ko changed over time, perhaps as the future iPhone lineup.

What will be the lineup of iPhone actually probably don’t even know Apple. They still have a few months to have something to hold and something to boost. And even that is “sure to be, a bloody nose,” alas, may not happen. So we will wait and hope that this time they will be able to amaze us, delight or even shock.

In General, Apple has 100 million reasons to release the iPhone 12 is not only 5G.

Offtopic — about Chinese names

How did how to write the name of Ming Chi-Kuo Cyrillic? Ming Chi-Kuo is a record the Chinese name, not English, as many believe, but in Chinese, officially adopted in China (in 1958) and Taiwan (in 2009) the system records the words of the Chinese language with Latin alphabet. The system is called “Pinyin”, where “ping” – “to make” or “put together” and Yin “sound”. In different languages using the Latin alphabet Pinyin is read in different ways, but you can understand it is written: what is meant and what, or whom, is it. There are a dozen such systems, but in our time, fortunately, almost no use. Even a bad standard is better than chaos and confusion, and Pinyin is a good standard. For writing Chinese names in Cyrillic, too, had several such systems, but common and, in my opinion, the official is a transcription system of Palladium, in existence since 1888. To judge and pronunciation of words in the Chinese language at any of their transcription should not be. The similarity is certainly there, but distant.

Ming Chi-Kuo with the Pinyin system of Palladium will be Min Chee-Ko. And Jun Zhang – Chun Zhang. All other “creative” transliteration is wrong.

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