What is roaming and what it eats

About GSM roaming heard everything. Many even know that there are several types of roaming. For those who don’t know, we’ll tell you about it. In addition, we will explain how roaming works and what is included in this concept. After reading this article, you will know all about using their home SIM cards outside of their native region.

What is roaming and how it works

Again we say that we speak about the GSM roaming. There are other types of roaming, but we’ll leave them for later.

GSM roaming call a situation in which the device connects to the network, which is not designed to work with this device, is not its home network.

Roaming there are two kinds: long-distance and international. In addition, there is roaming voice and SMS, and data roaming.

Roaming begins with update information about the location. In this step, the device searches the network to which to connect, and finds the home network. In this case, the request for available networks with information about the user and the permission for roaming. If all is successful, the device connects to the LAN, which forwards all information to the home network.

Long distance roaming

From the title it is clear that this roaming data is used in the same country in which your home network. Just, under certain circumstances, users are forced to connect to another network. In fact, all the virtual operators in roaming, as they do not have their own networks.

International roaming

In the case of international roaming, your device connects to the network of another state that still sends the data on your home network.

Roaming for us

Today in Russia practically no long distance roaming charges, unless you consider virtual operators. Europe is abolished and international roaming. Europeans can use one SIM card for communication in any EU country. Our data, calls and SMS are charged exactly like in the home region. Alas, so occurs not everywhere.

How to activate and deactivate roaming

Before you travel outside the hometown, you should make sure your carrier will give you roaming service. This can be done in the office, or on the web site and also through call support.

To disable or enable roaming on your phone is impossible. Can only be activated on your phone airplane mode in which it will not connect to network, or to suppress automatic network selection, selecting for connection to home network only. Fortunately, you can disable the data roaming. As a rule, mobile data spend most, if not connect the special tariff for roaming. All the options you’ll find in the settings section of your smartphone.

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