What is Swift showed Apple in 2012?

12 Sep 2012 Apple introduced the iPhone 5, inside of which, unnamed and unknown, was Swift. In 2012! Only it was a completely different Swift, not the one which you think. And perhaps the more sensational…

To Swift 2012 we will return. With the iPhone 5 is one of the mysteries that probably will never be solved. Approved Steve increase the size of the device. The publications are both opinions on this, both of which are categorical. The opinions of those who had the opportunity to get this information first hand, is also different.

Will take the liberty to offer my version: both sides are right. Some very famous projects Apple have gone through this stage. Steve, as a rule, inclined to one of the variants of their development, but for one reason or another did not stop the work on their alternative or even alternatives. And at least in one case, he was right, iPhone is the former alternative. The opposition to the great despot.

Steve was sure that the size of the device and its screen is perfect. They were not accidental, is the result of serious and meticulous research. But in the spring of 2011 when the iPhone 4S was already at the finish line (testing, debugging, debugging), it’s time to define the parameters of the following model. At the disposal of those to whom it was entrusted, there were ideas and developments, the results of the experiments, offers (the most different) and information about the strengths and weaknesses of competitors.

And, as it always has in 1997-2011, the opinions of experts (not only relative to the screen size of the device) parted. Reasoned opinions, grounded and meaningful. After reviewing the views of supporters of increase of the iPhone, Steve thought. Reasons to modify sizes were objections Steve was, the points are taken into account. That was then, who and what was offered is unknown.

It is only known how it all ended. IPhone 5 came out…

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Swift 2012

Inside the iPhone 5 was KNK (SoC, “computer on a chip”), Apple A6, Apple is built around a dual-core processor of its own design. Before that, Apple used processors designed by ARM under license. Architecture ARMv7-A, the code name for the CPU – Swift.

Apple is not limited to the most General things about this processor, but for those who really wanted to establish the truth, there are no barriers. How many iPhone 5 fallen hero’s death during these studies – history is silent. KNK was subjected to sophisticated tests (which made it possible to calculate the approximate structure of the processor, its clock frequency and a number of other things), saw and examined with an electron microscope.

How many copies of the iPhone 5 were killed during the studies is unknown. A dozen or two. By the way, a byproduct of the research: the iPhone 5 was easier to repair than any previous iPhone models.

Really help and research code of iOS 6. Do not know the details, but a code name of a processor set that way. Former Apple employees have confirmed the correctness of this assumption.

Processor frequency is dynamically changed in the range from 1.0 to 1.3 GHz.

Except the processor, KNK was part of the graphics subsystem based on the PowerVR SGX 543MP3 where MP3 indicates 3-core variant of the GPU. The CNC was 1 Gigabyte of random access memory (LPDDR2-1066).

According to Phil Schiller, the processor is superior to the Apple A5 performance twice, and in graphic performance, too.

The Apple A6 was manufactured by Samsung, according to technology 32 nm, against lawsuits by the latter, but the production of the Apple A6 is not affected.

Screen and other outrages

Retina display to 4 inches diagonally with a resolution of 1136×640 pixels, which is close to 16:9. IPS, high brightness and clarity – one of the best screens among his contemporaries.

Two cameras. Rear (main) with a resolution of 8 Megapixels and the front (for chat) with a resolution of 1.2 Megapixels. Massive support from the software allowed them to compete with cameras with higher resolution.

Phil announced the iPhone 5 “the thinnest phone in the world”, too lazy to check the facts. In China, the two manufacturers of mobile phones, one of which was outside of China is unknown, produced a more subtle model. Compare them with the iPhone 5, after so many years, complicated. And there is no need. beautiful iPhone 5, the thinnest and lightest iPhone ever, and the world’s third refinement of the body.

Changing the size of the screen forced the developers to remake a lot of code, but here nobody except once wrote this code was not to blame. To screen claims were not. The biggest problem was their shortage hindering Apple to cope with more than high demand.

The claims were very serious, to two points: first, to the replacement of traditional dock connector (of 2003) on a new, more compact and smaller in size, name Apple “Lightning” (lightning). Phil once joked that Apple and Thunderbolt (thunder) and lightning. Secondly, the replacement Micro-SIM to Nano-SIM.

Problem with dock connectors Apple kind of decided (offering multiple options adapter for 29-39$), but even with the Lightning adapter connect not all devices worked with the old connector.

And yet – the body was not only insanely beautiful but also very gentle. Costs. Without a case to carry it in same pocket with change and keys are not recommended. Seen the iPhone 5 which were actively used for five years: he was without a scratch.

Nevertheless, repeated the same story as with the previous iPhone: record sales. Everyone who wanted to buy it, could do it.

Although to produce the right amount iPhone of the required quality was not easy: in China at the Foxconn factories went on strike quality inspectors, the manufacturers of displays for the iPhone 5 and iPod touch (5G) too many got through with what could not cope with a shortage of displays have been threatening for six months.



The reviews were different. At first, 53% of the reviews were negative: due to nano-SIM cards and connectors, but 35% named it the best iPhone in history.

The main problem the iPhone 5 had nothing to do with it. Her name was Apple Maps. She had no direct relation either to iOS 6 or to software Maps.

Maps the developers made a feat: has collected huge amount of data in all corners of the Earth, treated them and repeatedly checked it, working for days without rest. It’s in the DNA of Apple: to do the impossible. They did. Almost.

The number of errors and inaccuracies in the Maps does not exceed their number in the first versions of technically complex projects. Perhaps they even had less. Cards only it was acceptable.

The contract with Google to use their mapping was to expire only in 2014, the relationship with Google was even better than the Samsung, and if Apple Maps was released in beta, with a button in the interface simplify informing about the problem, everything would be different.

And if in 2014 the number of inaccuracies exceeded the limits of decency, in Google was ready to go. Relationships and business are not one and the same.

On what happened Apple has responded quickly and correctly. The expulsion of Google Maps from iOS was found to be incorrect. Tim cook issued an apology. Scott Forstall, refused to sign it. He was responsible for Apple Maps, it by hook or by crook achieved their monopoly status in the system and release them no matter what.

To admit their mistakes, he would not.

To be continued

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