What is the advantage limits communication limits in the iOS version 13.3

Is advantage Screen Time is a great way of Apple to allow users of the operating system iOS from tracking their activity on the phone and time spent on applications, has been enhanced this feature with a new instrument in the iOS version 13.3.

Recently provided an Apple TV beta version of the iOS version 13.3 and iPadOS 13.3 return, the most notable changes in the new version relating to the reform of problems, including dealing with the RAM, as the update added a new feature dubbed the limits of the communication limits.

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You can share the screen shot of the iOS version 13.3 for the borders, which you’ll be able to find it in the Screen Time, and just as the name suggests.

حدود التواصل communication limits في iOS 13.3

With the advantage of the limits of communication, will be able to parents to set limits for their children can talk to them. This includes the phone app Contacts iCloud and messages وFaceTime.

Using Screen Time, users will be able to select a contact or a specific contact can contact him, or anyone else. Added Apple TV also has the ability to choose the users who can allow them access to the group chat when they are members of a family group and part of the group chat. (This may make planning for holidays or birthdays much easier).

Will be able to parents of the specific rules for messaging and communication through the “Screen Time”. It should be noted that regardless of the type of the limits of communication, will allow emergency calls for specific numbers. Will also turn off the borders for 24 hours when you make an emergency call.

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