What is the Binary why you use computers?


Computers do not understand words or Numbers the way they treat humans, and in the lowest levels of your computer, are all represented by an electrical signal binary Binary registration in one of two cases: turn on or off in order to understand the complex data, which you should say, your computer encrypts it in a binary file Binary.

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Binary Binary is a number System 2 Basic. Means Base 2 any that there are only two digits displays their computer and they are – 1 and 0 – which correspond to operating in and out of the computer. You may be familiar with the 10 – decimal system, which uses the Decimal ten digits ranging from 0 to 9, then wraps around to include numbers composed of two digits, with the value of each number is ten times more than the last number (of 1, 10, 100, etc.). And binary Binary works the same way as the decimal system.

  • The system of counting in Binary

In Binary, the first digit 1 in decimal, the second digit is worth 2, the third worth 4, and the fourth a value of 8, and so on – doubling each time. The addition of all these numbers gives you the number in decimal, as follows:

1111 (in binary) ) = 8 + 4 + 2 + 1 = part decimal)

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Fight for 0, this gives us 16 possible value of four binary bits. So he can move on to the 8 bits have 256 possible value. But this takes much more space to represent it, so that the four numbers in decimal gives us the 10, 000 possible value. It may seem that we go through all this problem to reinvent a system of sorting our own just to make it a different system, but computers understand the system binary is much better than understanding the system decimal. Sure, running the binary file more space, but for some things, such as logical processing, the binary better than decimal.

There is a system of another key is also used in programming: it is a system hexadecimal hexadecimal. Although the computers don’t work for hexadecimal, except that programmers use to represent binary addresses in a format that can be read when writing code. This is because the number of system and Hexadecimal can represent a byte full eight digits in binary. As the system uses hexadecimal numbers from 0 to 9 like the decimal system, as well as the letters A to F to represent the six numbers additional.

  • So why do computers use the system binary for?

The short answer is the hardware and the laws of physics. Where each number in The your computer is an electrical signal, and in the early days of computing, the electrical signals much more difficult to measure and control very accurately. It was logical to make a distinction between “operating” just – a representative of the shipment, the negative – status “off” – the representative of charge of the positive.

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So, the use of computers in the early a dual system to build their systems, although they use the old devices of larger size, but we kept on the same basic principles. Where modern computers use what is known as a transistor to conduct arithmetic operations using binary. The following is a sketch of what it looked like shape of the transistor effect field (FET):

Basically, allows the transistor effect field (FET) only current flow from the source to the future and this is the key to binary binary. As manufacturers can build these transistors small-incredibly – all the way to 5 nm, or about the size of two branches of DNA. This is the way they operate modern CPUs, and they even can suffer from the problems that a distinction between the state and beyond (although that is mostly due to the size of its molecular non-real, being subject to the uncertainty of quantum mechanics).

  • But why BASE Base 2 only?

So you might be thinking, “why 0 and 1 only? While some of them come back to tradition in how to build computers, add another number means that we have to distinguish between different levels of power – and not just “stop” and “run “but also states that” operating a little bit” and “operating.”

The problem lies here in that if you want to use multiple levels of voltage, you’ll need a way to make the calculations easily, and can use the hardware so as an alternative to the way bilateral. But it already exists and it is called your PC ternary ternary computer, had existed since the 1950’s. The area is Triple more efficient than a home duo, but so far, there is no effective alternative transistor duo.

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The reason for the lack of our ability to use ternary logic to the way in which the stack transistors in the computer – which is what is called the “portal gates” – and how they are used for calculations. And Gates take the inputs, implementation process, and then returns the result one doesn’t.

This in turn lead us to the long answer which is “binary math” which is way easier for the computer than anything else. Where the product is boolean logic planning easily for the binary systems, through the representation of True and False, as the working portal in your computer on the areas they take inputs and process them, such as AND, OR and XOR, and so on. Two of the inputs are easy to manage. If you want to draw the answers for each entry as possible, you will get what is known as the fact table truth table:

Will be to schedule the right way binary binary that works on logic boolean logic to four outputs possible for each basic operation. But because the gates of the tripartite take three inputs, the truth table triple it will be 9 or more. While the binary system on the 16 player possible (2 ^ 2 ^ 2), the triple system would be 19683 (3 ^ 3 ^ 3). Thus will shift the measurement to a problem because while the triple system more efficient, it is also more complex.

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What is the Binary why you use computers?

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