What is the difference between Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro?

Progress Microsoft two versions of the key operating system Windows 10 to choose from between them, namely: (Windows 10 Home), Windows 10 Home, and(Windows 10 Pro) Windows 10 Pro, which makes us wonder: what is the differences between the two versions is?

In the following, we will explore the difference between the versions of Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro:

Before that, let’s take a look at how to check the version of the Windows 10 operating system that you are using:

If you are using Windows 7 or 8 and you upgraded to Windows 10, the upgrade version will match the version that you are using, and thus the (Windows 7 Home Premium) upgrade to (Windows 10 Home), while Will (Windows 8.1) to upgrade to (Windows 10 Pro).

The users who received a license to the Windows 10 operating system when buying a new computer, it probably will be a version of Windows 10 Home, although some computers are sold with a version of Windows 10 Pro, but it is not common.

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You can check the version of the operating system by following these steps:

  • Go to (Settings) Settings.
  • Click on the option (System) System.
  • Choose (About) About. At the bottom of the specifications page of the operating system you will see the version type.

ما هو الفرق بين ويندوز 10 Home و ويندوز 10 Pro؟

ما هو الفرق بين ويندوز 10 Home و ويندوز 10 Pro؟

After knowing the type and version of operating system you are using, let’s say you’ve found the Windows 10 home, you may wonder about the advantages of the version of Windows 10 Pro. And is it worth the upgrade or not? Now let’s take a look at the most important features of Windows 10 Pro exclusive:

1. control the device remotely:

Lets You version of Windows 10 Pro to use the tool (Remote Desktop) Remote Desktop to connect to your computer using another device to control it as if you were sitting in front of it, this tool is not available in the version of the Windows 10 home, but you can use the tools and external applications to do it.

2 – encrypt the data:

Did you know that even if Windows 10 is protected by a password, anyone who has access to (hard disk) Hard Disk that can read all data saved in it, but the version of Windows 10 Pro lets you encrypt all data using the encoder built-in BitLocker.

The program will create all the files on the operating system and make it unreadable to anyone except if it possesses a password, you can access the program BitLocker through the list (start) Start.

3 – operating systems virtual:

Comes Version Windows 10 Pro in your default Hyper-V lets you run Operating Systems Virtual On your computer, which is a fantastic feature to test other operating systems, or install programs in a safe environment without risking the operating system platform.

4. the tools and features provided to institutions:

Can still some features of the version of Windows 10 Pro targeting companies that attract ordinary users, and the most famous: Enterprise Mode for Internet Explore, which lets you simulate IE 8 within IE 11, which is the custom of the ancient sites that don’t work with browsers modern, and the tool is Assigned Access, which enables users to lock the machine account using one application.

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