What is the difference in display fingerprint scanner Galaxy S10 from the existing ones?


According to a new report, Samsung may equip its flagship smartphone line Galaxy S10that will debut next year, the built-in display fingerprint scanner of its own design. It is noted that for these components will be marked by a noticeable advantage in comparison with those scanners of this type are already known.


It seems that the Samsung Galaxy Note display 9 fingerprint scanner still won’t find a use. Thus, this component is likely to equip the Galaxy S10, which will debut only in 2019. In the article of Peter (Peter), published resource gsmarena.comit was considered a new message regarding what exactly may be the innovative component.

Current display fingerprint scanners can only work with OLED screens, since they are optical components. As you know, Samsung is a leader in the production of OLED panels for phones. According to rumors, the company is also working on ultrasonic fingerprint scanner of its own design.

The advantage of this component will be the improved accuracy, as will be 3D, not 2D-scanning, which is used in such modern components of mobile devices. Of course, the production of ultrasonic fingerprint scanners will be more more challenging. And probably also more expensive.

Qualcomm previously reported on its ultrasonic fingerprint scanners, but they did not spread. It was reported that Vivo experimented with the technical solution from Qualcomm, but chose UD for its X21 fingerprint scanner developed by Synaptics.

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