What is the future of Android after receiving the largest fine of a monopoly in history?


After a long period of study and the introduction and monitoring, the EU imposed on Google Inc a huge fine amounted to about us $ 5 billion for the practice of fraud and harm to competition through the Android operating system, The largest fine in the case of monopoly, you receive no company at all.

You must have read the news, but you wonder what is the effect of such a charge and such a fine big on the future of Android, and what exactly does it mean to accuse Google of fraud and what can be changed.

The short answer: nothing is clear yet, the reason that the European Union did not happen to Google what to do exactly and does not address the problem somehow, without providing any solutions or suggestions clear.

We will in this section explain the background of the events, and try to put the needs traded, and then make forecasts based on it.

What is the problem?

The problem in short is that the European Union considers that Google used its control over the market of smart phones by more than 80% of the market share for the Android system with the aim of promoting their products and giving them preference at the expense of other companies ‘ products negatively affects the competitive market.

To understand what is meant by the European Union, let me explain quickly how to learn Google with device manufacturers working with Android:

The Android system is open source is available free for anyone who wants to use it, this means that any company that makes phones, you can practically install on Android phones without any Google any requirement at all. This in itself is awesome and objection to it by the European Union (nor can any other account you have basically). But what bothers the European Union specifically, is the following: if any company wants to equip its phones with Google services (like Google Play store), Google imposed some conditions, notably:

  • The Company shall provide and forced a specific group of Google Apps are pre-installed on the phone, such as apps maps c The and YouTube and other.
  • The company should develop this app within the folder prominent on the Home screen of your phone or tablet.
  • Prevent the company from production of other phones download Android version free of Google services.
  • Must exceed the phone set of tests set by Google to ensure its compatibility with all their applications.

In short, Google track car (all or nothing). In the sense that a company like Samsung or HTC or the other if she wanted to produce a phone running Android and the Google Play store just they can’t, they have to then submit the full package of Google applications. If she wanted that company to provide a phone free of Google services, it can – as long as they did not have phones other Google services – but this is not feasible commercially (Will my phone free from the store Google Play?).

At first glance, this may seem like tough conditions of Google, but the company has its justification compelling about the subject, as if it’s not going to turn Android into a disaster in terms of the experience of use is what will negatively affect the user that the EU is trying to protect him. If you don’t put Google these Terms this means that the Android phones different will support a different set of applications.

To illustrate the importance and necessity of the terms of Google imagine the following scenario in the absence of these conditions: you bought the latest and most powerful phones Pixel from Google. I watched my aunt phone and I was impressed very impressed by the phone application maps specifically and she doesn’t know what is Android and use the phone, stupid, or any old phone system to another, the problem is that they don’t want to pay up to $ 1000 for the phone. Then would you purchase phone average from Motorola, it also works with Android. After the purchase of the phone you’ll discover that the Maps application is not supported, the worst is that the phone does not contain the Google Play store but contains a quaint shop offering a limited selection of apps!

In such scenario, overflowing the market phones all work with Android but they offer different services, and will be on the customer search hard for the right phone. Any that the name “Android” would not be in itself sufficient to ensure that you can get the same experience of use in all the phones operating system The operating.

It is true that there are currently no phones free of Google services, especially in countries such as China, but at least we have two Android phones only: phones the Treaty on women and open source, phones supported by Google. As for what he wants the European Union is to provide (authority) of the options are not limited under the pretext of protecting the consumer.

What are the options Google?

There is no doubt that Options Google difficult, he said Sundar pichai, the Executive Director of the company that this may lead to not coming back Android free, what it means and what are the options?

Option I: continuation of the current system and pay the fines

According to experts, the highest fine that can be imposed by UEFA on Google will not exceed ten million dollars in any case where the law does not allow more than that. Which is a huge number but it doesn’t shake a company like Google. According to some SEO experts that Google may think such numbers (costs) must be paid to continue. If we take into account that each fine of these fines can take several years, perhaps because of the routine procedures and the slow courts, the fine of 5 to 10 million every few years may be something that can be Google passed.

This is one of the options he’s talking about the mission I believe that Google will follow but only temporarily until you reach a solution, otherwise the EU may decide to impose the laws of punishment beyond fines to prevent Google from providing certain services and the like.

Second option: the cancellation of the project Android open source inventory Android phones Google

Option Kart on the market and competitiveness but it is not inconsistent with the requirements of the European Union. In this scenario, will remain Google’s Android identity of its own (in the EU at least). No you won’t find in the market only phones Pixel. Can check Google with other companies to manufacture Android phones Google Account to download those phones to Google logo only. This means that it depends on other companies like Samsung or Motorola to use another operating system in Europe.

This will be a devastating impact on the company phones, but since Android will phones Google which will depend in turn on forcing the other firms on any terms (being the phones other companies won’t work Android mainly), that will satisfy the European Union theoretically.

Second option: the compromise reached (or: the solution of Microwave)

This may be the best options but it’s not the easy way out. The compromise is that you can Google convince the EU to abandon some of the conditions for the application of other conditions. Here we may see something similar to what Microsoft did when confronted with the issue of monopoly as they use the spread of Windows to deploy browser Internet Explorer is already installed at the expense of other browsers, decipher the solution is to provide the option for the user to choose which browser you want to install it and use it I have to install Windows for the first time.

The problem is that in the case of Android not talking about a single application but about the package of applications what are the applications that you’ll find Google on the choice of the user between itself and the other applications I have run the phone for the first time, and what are these other applications and who will protect her? And what is the negative impact on the experience of use and increasing difficulty and complexity?

I think that Google will try to persuade the European Union to dissolve is to preinstall it for a fraction of their applications and without putting them prominently on the desktop, with Google on the possibility of imposing some other conditions that guarantee that all android phones the same experience on different devices.

The mentality of the old and new problems

The problem of the European Union, the main is that it tries to apply the antitrust laws of the ancient that had been developed before the era of apps and smart phones on a recent case. I must say Google and other technology companies formed a semi-Alliance says the work of pressure groups within the EU institutions responsible, try to update the laws to solve these current problems and avoid any other problems similar in the future.

What the European Union actually is a Google penalization because they are good at their work because they are very good at it by far. If any action is wrong against the company may result in harm to the consumer who wants the Union to protect him in the first place.

No doubt that Google is in an awkward situation currently, and that the Android Gallery to change the large potential, but compromise is still possible and is what we hope.

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