What is the Hyperloop and why not in Ukraine

Hyperloop is a relatively new and for many a word that is becoming increasingly popular. You’ve probably heard that even here in Ukraine, allegedly soon to be the most “hyperloop”. However, not everyone understands what it is, how important this form of transport and why Ukraine has to wait for it in the foreseeable future is not necessary. With this and face it.

So, to start, as usual, a bit of history and theory. The term was coined Hyperloop Elon Musk. More precisely, in the sense in which we are now implied, for the first time, as far as I know, used the Mask. Although the word itself, which means hyperpoetry, there is quite a long time. For example, with the same name you can buy fishing reel.

Musk suggested the Hyperloop concept in response to the American project California High-Speed Rail, which includes the construction of a high speed railway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. At that time, and that was in 2012, the project was estimated at $ 70 billion and meant the train running at a speed of about 300-350 km/h. Musk also claimed that the California High-Speed Rail can be replaced by trains of a different type, which will travel at speeds up to 1000 km/h and even higher.

However, if you think you have invented Hyperloop Musk, you are wrong. The concept of the “vacuum trains”, and it originally offered the head of Tesla, it was invented a very long time. More specifically, at the beginning of last century, when trains were not the most technologically advanced by our standards. Initially, the concept involved the movement of cars (not trains) in the pipe that creates the vacuum. The absence of air leads to a lack of resistance. And given that the concept also provided for the movement not on the road, and above it by the magnetic levitation, friction disappeared completely.

In General, the idea is very old, but has not been implemented (the various experiments do not count). Mainly due to the lack of adequate funding, due to its lack of popularity, lack of development of many technologies and other factors.

Now the concept of the Hyperloop involves movement in the tube is not under vacuum and a backing pump. It is an environment with a pressure of about 100 PA, that is 1000 times less than atmospheric. To create a full vacuum is too costly energetically, and, apparently, for those parameters that will have lines and Hyperloop capsules, enough and the backing pump.

It is also worth noting that magnetic levitation of the concept of “vacuum trains” can be replaced by the airbag. That is, when the train moves counter-air will be routed under the bottom that forms the very airbag. This option should be cheaper. But the same company Hyperloop Virgin One, which is now sort of the leader of the race on the website States it is the magnetic levitation.

When Musk just unveiled its concept, he said that to go this direction will not be as yet too busy with other projects. Draw banner raised several companies. Initially said means can be assembled by means of crowdfunding, but in the end there were investors first, for some and rushed. Now the major players are two: One Virgin Hyperloop Hyperloop Transportation Technologies. But The Boring Company Elon musk is also engaged in this direction, although details about her yet is really not.

What in General is so interesting about the Hyperloop? The point is that it is formally a new type of transport. Now we use four main types: cars, planes (helicopters, etc.), trains and ships. All existing types of transport are one of these four types. Hyperloop also fundamentally different. That is, it is the first new type of transport for more than 100 years since the last time we created a new type in the early twentieth century. It was a plane.

Yes, technically Hyperloop could be attributed to the trains, but it is only at first glance. If you look at the pictures of the prototypes of Hyperloop capsules, they are nothing to do with the trains do not have. Is that you can compare with Mileva due to the same magnetic levitation.

When you see the first line? Until recently the answer to this question was not. Now, however, clarity emerged. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has promised to start a commercial branch in the UAE already 2020, although the company is only now building its first track test, so there is doubt. But Hyperloop Virgin One, which has already managed to conduct a series of tests, promised recently that the first passenger line will open in 2021, but the truck earlier. In addition, it was announced today that somewhere in 2025, the company will launch a line in India, and the ticket price will be about $ 150. The line will link Pune, and Mumbai, between which is about 150 km What is interesting about the plans for the construction of at least some lines in the US is not even heard, although it was critical about the talks with the European countries. Leaders in the race are the UAE and Saudi Arabia, which is logical, considering the amount of money from these countries.


And now about Ukraine. First let me remind you that in February the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine has announced the launch of the project HypeUA. In the framework of this project, as stated in the press release, “will develop modern transport technology in the first place, Hyperloop”. It is said that in the framework of the project, the participants “will prepare the Foundation for the development of innovative transport systems in Ukraine” and “to consider the possibility of building the test tubes in the river”. By the way, has recently even announced about the specific location of the construction of a test site.

The project HypeUA involves three stages. At first the main task is to obtain a feasibility study. This document, which spelled out various technical and economic aspects of a project, which can be used to understand whether the overall project or not. For example, you may find that it is impossible to build in the location, or that it will never pay off or something.

The second stage — the construction of the test section. The Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine noted that at this stage all or nearly all the costs should fall on the shoulders of foreign investors. And the third phase — the construction of a full line.

But the problem, as you can see, there are already on the second stage (in fact, even at the first, but never mind that). It is estimated that only one test site at a cost of approximately 11-17 million dollars. The issue is that those same foreign investors will spend the money only if they believe further work in this direction. Simply put, they will be assured that after some time (two, three, five years) they will build in that particular country commercial line, which, note, should pay off! Otherwise build a sense simply no, it’s not a government project.

And this whole idea rests on a simple problem. In Ukraine there is no sense to build the Hyperloop because it does not pay off. I mean real time. As we have learned by the example of India, the tickets the first time will not be cheap. Although, of course, the ticket price will be different everywhere, but it is based on the estimated passenger demand and where we have a passenger who will pay for the project? Yes, the hypothetical branch from Kharkov to Lviv via Kiev would reach from the Eastern “capital” in the West about an hour and a half, but around the same $ 150 there many who want to gain on such a trip?

In our country such a large population to offset the low percentage of able to pay that much for a ticket, the fact that in absolute terms, these people will be enough. In our country, too low wages, if we talk about the expected price of the ticket on the Hyperloop. I’m not talking about corruption, economic stability and military conflict, in which no large investor with such a costly project in the country will never enter. And to build the Hyperloop would be very expensive. There is no accurate data, but branch length of 1000 km will require tens of billions of dollars.

One would assume that some company wants to build a branch through Ukraine, but there are even more questions, and the old is not going anywhere.

Unfortunately, at the moment I personally do not see any chance to in the foreseeable future (10-15 years) in our country has a branch of the Hyperloop, as it is simply unprofitable. I even doubt that the test track will be built, because where to get 10-17 million dollars? Yes, the authorities there said about the negotiations with Virgin Hyperloop One, but the fact of negotiations does nothing. If I had achieved at least some prior agreement, is this not trumpeted out loud?

Someone may call these concoctions lap Analytics, but if you have an informed opinion otherwise, then feel free to Express it, I’d love to see with a different point of view if she really has under itself the bases.

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