What is the main problem of cryptocurrency and the community around them? The answer is co-founder of Ethereum

Cryptoprotection known as low as a beacon of financial freedom, the innovation center and dathomiri Finance and technology. In view of this, the industry is dominated by multi-polarity of views, which in turn causes a lot of internal disputes. Point of view on this matter was shared by the co-founder and former CTO of Ethereum ‘s Gavin wood.

The report Longhash wood laments the fact that the above ideals of the crypto community in many cases did not meet expectations. Given the extreme and radical nature of different cryptocurrencies and ecosystem, according to wood, the space itself becomes more toxic.

All this is very nationalist or radical — call it what you want. There are several tribes, and people do not even bother to get acquainted with the technical aspects. They simply choose one or the other camp and start to promote it. Like a religion.

The stories of the wood, when the Ethereum was in its infancy, proponents of Bitcoin have called the project a waste of time and effort. Now the supporters of Ethereum show the same position relative to other new camps.

Many people now simply refuse to acknowledge that there really are good and effective projects outside the chain of Ethereum.

Who’s Gavin wood?

Source: bitstat.top

Wood retired from Ethereum and launched its own project Polkadot. As he describes it, it is the Communicator between blockchains, a kind of Union of chains. Despite the fact that the main goal of any cryptocurrency is decentralization project, wood recognizes that this principle does not work. In his opinion, even Bitcoin — the world’s largest cryptocurrency controlled by a small group of people.

To make changes to the core Bitcoin can only a few people, they decide to accept or reject a particular proposal from the community. Is this not the centralization of power? The Ethereum is under control of the Ethereum Foundation, which owns the trademark of the Ethereum. And they can take advantage of this provision, contrary to the opinion of the community, but supposedly “in the name of modernization.”

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