What is the Microsoft smartphone third screen?

Not just once or twice in the Network there were reports about a possible return software giant Microsoft on the smartphone market which is now dominated by the operating system Android and iOS. Of course, if Microsoft will again begin to offer consumers their smart phones, they have to be different from all the range provided by other vendors now. Why the upcoming smartphone from Microsoft, the third screen? How is it different from the third display Galaxy X?

Since December of last year in the Network there were reports of a number of Microsoft’s patents related to Andromeda Project, pointing to the ongoing company working on a folding phone that can turn into a tablet and back into a more compact device. Some users believe that we are talking about the Surface Phone, which there are a lot of rumors. A new patent application Microsoft, reviewed by Alan Friedman (Alan Friedman) on the resource page phonearena.com with reference to the message windowslatest.comshows that in the new device, the company could be three screens, including a small display.

Sketches for examination of a patent application show that each side of the device is a large display. In the middle, where there is a bend in the device, you’ll narrow screen. It can be used for a virtual control device, display time, messages, notifications and information about phone calls. According to the patent application, the information that will be displayed on the third screen, will depend on the condition of the bend. In other words, it will depend on whether or not the device fully and used as a tablet, works in “tent mode”, i.e. open partially or complicated.

For a long time in the Network periodically there is information about what different companies are working on foldable devices. It is expected that in February of 2019, the market leader in smart phones, Samsung will show its flexible phone Galaxy X. it is Assumed that it will also find application three displays. But it will be a noticeable difference from device Microsoft Galaxy X two 3.5-inch OLED screen will be placed inside the mobile device and another similar screen will be outside. It can be used to control the device when it operates in “smartphone mode”.

It should be noted that the patent application was filed on 9 November 2016. However, usually held a year before the new technology debuts in the real product, if the debut ever held.

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