What is the problem of the conflict of the game Fortnite وPUBG with iOS system 13

Warned developers of the apps and games, including Fortnite and PlayerUnknown: Battlegrounds (PUBG) and a host of other games, users of the iOS update 13 due to the presence of an error in the tapping trio on the screen.

Affect nod edit the text that appears in the screen on the way to play, that it interferes with the functions of touch in the game, although there are no text fields visible. This matter affects a lot of apps, especially games that are by the use of three fingers regularly on the screen, such as shooting games in the first place. The problem is so bad that PUBG display a warning message in the game.

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Fortunately, it won’t be long to fix this problem many days, as it will be addressing a property edit the text in the iOS version 13.1.

A property edit the text in iOS 13 is conducted through the bar to show the story-copy-paste-undo-to cancel the Undo, when you press with the fingers the three on the screen and waiting for a second to two, and the ribbon at the top of the screen.

However, it is very easy to do this same procedure inadvertently shooting games, and usually puts the players two thumbs on the control arm is virtual and on the screen the finger of the third shoot. Can bypass this procedure by the system, which explains that the pressure of three fingers. So that affect the application of the Apple original as well, including GarageBand, when you try to play on the strings on the virtual piano.

In the iOS system 13.1, will be enabled gesture finger triangular only in situations where it makes sense to activate the edit text. Lets iOS 13.1 also for application developers customizing the time and place of the Activate gestures to edit text.

At the current time there is no way to disable the gestures, so the only option is to wait until the release of iOS version 13.1, which is scheduled to launch on Tuesday September 24.

Of course, a lot of players Fortnite and PUGB Mobile upset from the problem and express their complaints on social media. As to developers applications is not in the hands of their stunt, and all you have to do is wait for Apple to release a fix as part of the iOS 13.1.

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