What is the Protocol to WPA3 is? And why is it very important to protect the Wi-Fi?

The Federation of the Wi-Fi world-a new standard for safety Wi-Fi networks across the world, which provides many of the features that make our data more secure on public and private networks, including over wireless security in general, and after agreement on the details of the Protocol WPA3 recently, companies will begin to support him in various devices, in addition to updating older devices to allow using it also, but, what is this Protocol and what are its features, exactly?

What is WPA?

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Throw select WPA to “Wi-Fi Protected Access”, i.e., a Wi-Fi network with the entry locked, and she simply stands to the rules that protect the router your wifi, the cost of this protection usually in the form of a password, allows encrypts data to and from the soul center, where the works of the WPA as a service make sure of the password, where you decrypt the password and send it to the portal encryption router to connect with the internet, and just in case the Word was true, then link your device to the internet.

Follow my various devices now Protocol WPA2 was first released in 2004, but the updated WPA3 will make it safer stages.

Changes in the WPA3

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A password harder to break: with Protocol WPA2 anyone can connects to the network Wi-Fi Your and uses the attacks it’s trying to decrypt your password by guess, but with the WPA3 will the soul books documenting each attempt to enter the company.

Link devices the Internet of things are easier: the WPA3 new property on behalf of the Wi-Fi Easy Connect allows the linking of different devices to the company via scanning a QR code through a phone on the same network.

Make the information stolen without the password is useless: technology Forward Secrecy new to make the collected data can not be decrypted later, means complete safety even in case of penetration of the Wi-Fi network.

Increase the security of Public Networks: help WPA3 that makes the networks that don’t have a password safer by encrypting the data receiving and sending between each person on the network and the router.

Stronger encryption for corporate networks: protocol is used WPA3 on the personal style system 128-bit encryption is standard, but in the case of companies, will use the system for 192-bit and the system believe the increasingly for all devices in parallel, is a system of documenting the identity of the different devices through the so-called control access MAC Address and password of your Wi-Fi network of the company and allows the devices to the stranger to enter her and rubbed her down.

When it begins to use the Protocol to WPA3 is?

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A consortium of Wi-Fi that is expected to start using the Protocol WPA3 by the end of next year, but it will not spread extensively on the world level only a few years.

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