What is the purpose ProgPoW? The answer of the Creator of the algorithm

Developer ProgPoW Kristi-Ley, Minehan in an interview BlockChannel told about the main problems and myths around ASIC mining. In a discussion with another guest, Dr. Corey Patty she gave a few interesting facts about ProgPoW. It turns out that the supporters of the movement against Usikov not fully understand the purpose of the developers ProgPoW.

Why do we need ProgPoW?

In the beginning of the interview, petty stated that the term “ASIC resistance” (opposition to ASIC mining) initially shows the wrong things. It focuses not on combat usikami as such, and decentralization in General. In other words, the developers are trying to prevent “the creation of a particular type of equipment that will not be available to a wide circle of persons”.

ASIC-mining with ProgPoW theoretically possible, but the economic benefits of such a venture is low. Minehan, in turn, said there are many myths around the struggle against centralization.

Proof-of-Work is the process of securing evidence of the use of both energy and equipment. Ethash as the algorithm can cover a fairly large part of the cost of the equipment. Instead, it only considers the memory usage of the graphics card.

That is why PoW is constantly growing energy use. It is quite difficult to consider all the technical features of the devices from AMD and Nvidia. To balance the situation, you need to conduct a deep examination of the architectures of GPU’s from all manufacturers.

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Asik supposedly give a lot more Hasrat and it seems to be doing a cryptocurrency network more secure from attacks. Minehan, expressed doubts about this.

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While all measured in the same units, the energy consumption for each unit of equipment is not so important. Miners will continue to invest in the resources they can afford their budget. Spending on maintenance is also not play a big role. ProgPoW is keen to take advantage of specialized Asimov to all other types of equipment.

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