What is the reason for the fall of Bitcoin? The opinion of the trader

Managing Director of TJM Institutional Services Jim Iuorio predicts more hard times for Bitcoin, according to Bitcoinist. In an interview with CNBC, Wario said that the first cryptocurrency was never worth $ 20,000, and now it “rolls down a very steep hill”.

Forecast Bitcoin prices. Definitely not 20 thousand

Wario, believes pressure from the States the main reason for the reduction in the price of the main digital asset. In his opinion, this process will continue unless the heads of government will not suddenly change position. The trader also said that the real value of Bitcoin never equaled the peak price of 2017.

There is no doubt that Bitcoin was in a bubble for twenty thousand.

As it turned out, the main force of the price movement of the crypts of steel futures on Bitcoin. According to Wario, the announcement of the futures he created a euphoria in the market, which pushed the price of the coin up. However, as soon as contracts CME Group earned a large kodlari got a great tool for hedging. They began to sell their coins, thereby to reverse the bullish trend to bearish.

But the views of other analysts disagree with the thoughts of Wario. To blame all the troubles of the futures is not necessary, as the volume of trading on them hardly exceed 0.01 percent of the total trading volume of Bitcoin. Therefore, any serious movement in the futures is unlikely to greatly affect prices of plum cryptocurrencies.

On the future Bitcoin exchange rate, Yorio expressed conservatively. The analyst believes that the price growth of the cryptocurrency’s overreacting on the emotional state of all players in the market.

Can be the level of $ 6000 stand. But when I look at the chart, you see a vertical takeoff, but now we can witness the vertical drop. I wouldn’t want to catch knives.

Despite the statements of Wario, Bitcoin still has grown 150 percent over the past 12 months. Recall, 27 June 2017, the cryptocurrency was trading below $ 2,500.

At the same time the founder of KKM Financials believes Bitcoin is the perfect tool for traders. In his opinion, from the active trades in the crypt you can extract huge profits because of the high volatility of digital assets.

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