What is the role of the Hidden Life which they play watch video clips online to determine the future of the telecom sector and Generation V?

ما هو الدور الحيوي الخفي الذي تلعبه مُشاهدة مقاطع الفيديو عبر الإنترنت في تحديد مُستقبل قطاع الإتصالات وتبني الجيل الخامس؟

Led the rapid growth in the sector of mobile phones to reshape our communities in ways that were not available, while we expect that further developments. The escalation of interest in video content is something that must be taken into consideration, especially since the operators are constantly working on enhancing the mobile broadband.

And the movement of the flow of video data in mobile networks, driven by increased viewing time, growing embedded videos in other media development accelerated to provide higher degrees of precision. It is expected that the rate of watching videos on mobile devices is estimated at 45% annually through 2023 to include 73% of total mobile data traffic.

There are two major trends in this context you should pay attention to them in terms of video content in the next five years, as described in the report of the Ericsson Mobility:

  1. Will affect growth in the flow of data Clips video immersive-like 360-degree video on the consumption data. For example, a video clip on YouTube 360 degree up to four times the size of the bandwidth is recorded as a normal video on YouTube with the same accuracy.
  2.  Also expected to arrange the data traffic via social media pages – an increase of 31% per year over the next six years.

What does it mean for operators? the

The increased flow of data and increase the movement of mobile communication across the social networks have important effects on the telecom operators in the region. Can affect video streaming with different degrees of precision on the movement of data to a high degree where persons prefer to enjoy with their claims favorite.

Show in this context the need for tools to help professional to follow up on this slide very dynamic consumption of content. So, it was announced that new innovations will help them in monitoring applications freedom of flow through mobile devices. Think calculator Ericsson Mobile, the interactive application was launched to explore the relationship between the use of different applications freedom of flow monthly for each subscription.

Can the application analyst or business planner to quickly and easily see the relationship between the development towards watching the growing of the videos and the growth of traffic flow per month per subscriber.

At the international level, include factors that increase the use of mobile data, enhancing the capabilities of the device better quality plans and data more affordable, in addition to increasing the content of condensed data, providing users with more freedom of content consumption which they prefer more easily.

What can be expected in the future?

It is currently using approximately 85% of the total mobile data traffic by smart phones. It is expected to bring this number up to 95% of the end of 2023. The manufacturers of smart phones to improve their products continuously, so that users can whether they listen to the latest music programs or a new music album, Get videos with a voice of high quality gives you the pleasure of exceptional.

Besides the high growth in subscriptions, smartphones and mobile communications, the report of the mobility of Ericsson many new trends for the next five years:

  1. Will be allocated approximately 95% of all subscriptions of broadband, mobile by the end of 2023.
  2.  Expected number of subscriptions to smartphones to 7.2 million subscribers by 2023, almost all the scope of mobile communications
  3. Expected by the year 2023, that is connected to the 1 million device for the fifth generation, with the aim of promoting mobile broadband in all parts of the world.

Linked to customer satisfaction in general with the mobile communication network linked to the powerful watching videos comfortably, according to a study conducted by Swisscom, a leading company in the market is Switzerland-based.

Although customer satisfaction for the quality of the video, however, the most important aspects relatively for consent in this context is the integrity of the operating (non stop video) and the time it takes to download the video and start playing it.

Among those customers who feel good about the experience of video broadcast, the eight out of ten people are satisfied also about the experience of the mobile communication network. In addition, 72% of users dissatisfied with the flow of the video are also not satisfied about the experience of the mobile communication network. Hence, you must invest the work to improve network performance and promote constantly.

With developments in technology the fifth generation and the flow of video data as the most important achievements in the mobile communications sector, we believe that this year will be pivotal for operators in terms of changing the landscape of the technology world.

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