What is the story of the video leaked to the guidance of the drafting devices Apple TV

Featured videos leaked to the guidance of the drafting devices to the Apple TV, these videos exist for maintenance stations approved by Apple, and in this video shows the specialist explains how to hardware maintenance and replacement of gear and the battery by using the custom tools for maintenance of Apple devices, these tools specially made for this task.

What we know for sure that Apple is happy to never leak these videos, and I’ve always fought Apple to the user the formulation of its organs outside of the retreat center, the Apple TV raise the issues of jurisdiction on many of the repair shops, gas certified, and the work of the hardware of its devices so that it is difficult to formulate them only with special instruments. They even did updates on the operating systems working on disabling certain features on phones that are fixed parts external. The wording of the Apple devices also generate a profit and to sell the extended warranty, and to top it guarantee that its devices will work properly after maintenance open the take good care of their reputation.

We recommend you to watch the videos they are useful in general to know how maintenance is done professionally

These videos were uploaded on YouTube but will surely be deleted soon, so we recommend you to see them now.

Comment from skillful follow-up to iPhone Islam

I watched the video first and noticed the focus on completing the work properly and on the replay until the completion of the reform in an optimal way, has mentioned the video that you have to toss the bolts and the bolts new, and if it wasn’t a malfunction and also remove adhesive and tape if not kept in its proper place or leak to the outside even if it happened after the completion of the reform must Unscrew the machine and re-reform of the new (This includes throwing the bolts again and replaced with be).

It’s dazzling here is the precision in the work and insistence on perfection, that you won’t find it in non-accredited centers from Apple, you probably pay more to repair the machine, but you will not get quality repairs anywhere else.

Are you saying the work of the maintenance devices in the maintenance centers is not supported? Tell us in the comments How do you formulate your equipment.

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